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Hualapai Tribe Constitutional Issues and Proposed Agricultural Lease

Hualapai Tribe Constitutional Issues and Proposed Agricultural Lease
Attorney: Don Wharton

Case Update

Colorado River. Photo courtesy of the Hualapi Tribe.Colorado River
Photo Courtesy of the Hualapai Tribal Website

NARF represents the Hualapai Indian Tribe of Arizona in preparing and submitting four applications for the transfer of 7 parcels of land owned in fee by the Tribe into trust status. The Tribe is located on the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and claims a boundary that runs to the center of the Colorado River. The applications have been submitted to the BIA and await its response prior to being passed to the U.S. Interior Department's Solicitor for a Preliminary Title Opinion on the parcels. The Regional Solicitor in Phoenix recently issued a Preliminary Title Opinion (PTO) on one of the Applications. We are working with a Title Company to cure any concerns identified in the PTO.

In addition, NARF assisted the Tribe with the transfer of lands gifted to the Tribe at Cholla Canyon Ranch. Because there were title concerns, NARF prepared a trust which the Tribe adopted and into which the lands were transferred. In addition, we are working on having these lands taken into trust, but the United States will not take the lands into trust until title to the Ranch has been cleared of any claim arising from questions related to transfer of title to the Tribe from a private trust. NARF, working with a local firm, successfully accomplished a series of transfers of title to the lands to clear title to the Ranch.

NARF also assists the Tribe with work as assigned from time to time.


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