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Special Projects Completed

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Blog Launched:

Casey Family Programs has funded NARF/NILL to design, launch and maintain an ICWA blog. The Internet blog will be all things ICWA and will include regular (at least weekly) updates on the most current cases, laws, news, scholarship, training, jobs, etc. relating to ICWA. The blog was created and launched in

Mid-March at the Casey Family ICWA Practice Group meeting in Washington, DC. As of April 10, NILL has made 42 posts to the blog. In addition to attending and presenting at the Casey Family Program meeting, David Selden joined David Simmons of the National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) staff in a workshop presentation at the annual NICWA meeting in Tulsa. The presentation was: "Collaboration Discussion Group: Finding Answers to your ICWA Questions – The New Blog and Other Resources."

Email Conversion Successful

At the beginning of March, NARF migrated to a new email delivery system. Previously, NARF was using Google's free email delivery system. Although the price was right (free), performance and security were two ongoing concerns with the Gmail system. Now the firm is being hosted on a Microsoft Exchange email server, which Microsoft has donated to NARF as a non-profit. The migration was completed the first weekend in March with very few hiccups. More recently, IT staff attended an administrators' training session and look forward to taking advantage of the new features that are available using the Outlook platform.

Assistant Law Librarian Hired

On April 22, Anne Lucke was hired as an Assistant Law Librarian. The NARF/National Indian Law Library staff now consists of:

1) Library Director – David Selden
2) Assistant Law Librarian – Anne Lucke
3) Web Services Coordinator – Mauda Moran (Mauda is essentially ½ librarian and ½ Information Technology staff.

The primary benefit of the new position is the greater research support available to NARF attorneys, legal assistants and law clerks. Duties of the position will also include improving access to tribal law and cataloging/thesaurus work to improve access to the 9,000+ items indexed in the NILL catalog. Please welcome Anne!

Special Projects Underway

Document Management System

NARF corporate officers have approved the adoption of a document management system for the firm. The IT team has acquired and configured the necessary server and other hardware. Initial planning and consultation meetings are happening with the NARF legal assistants to define the structural document management needs at NARF. Full implementation of the DMS will take place in the next few months.

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