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NILL Builds Database to Assist with Fund Raising

NILL is collaborating with the Development Department to improve our ability to access information on tribes that have been involved with NARF over the years. We are working to create a database that lists all the tribes NARF has represented, along with the type of case (such as water, sovereignty, recognition, etc.), dates of the case, and NARF attorneys who were involved. The Development Department can use this information to promote the anniversary of significant victories and to solicit tribes for support. In addition, NILL has created a "competitive intelligence" report which assists the Development Department in preparing for a tribal visit. Each report contains information on the tribe's involvement with NARF along with information about tribal leadership and enterprises and current news about the tribe.

NARF Website, Blog & Facebook Traffic on the Rise

We are seeing continued growth in NARF's web presence. Since we made changes in early 2012 to improve search engine optimization, we have seen a significant increase in unique visitors to our sites - with a 33% increase in 2012 traffic and a 37% increase in traffic for the first nine months of 2013. (This is in comparison to an 8% increase in unique visitors in 2011.) As well, a higher percentage of our traffic now comes from search engine referrals with 70% of our traffic now coming from search engines.

We also have been busy creating new online resources including online homes for our special projects related to Indigenous Peacemaking as well as Boarding School Healing. These websites are being finalized as this report goes to press, and they can be visited at and

Earlier this year, NARF collaborated with the Casey Foundation to create ICWA INFO, which is a blog that links to recent news, cases, and resources related to Indian child welfare issues. Recently, the blog has been averaging 500 unique visitors per month, and we currently are working to add a password-protected area to the site, which has been requested by Indian child welfare advocates to use for information sharing and community building.

In addition to our websites, NARF also has been actively cultivating its Facebook presence to raise awareness about our organization and the issues that we address. NARF now has over 6,300 people who have liked us on Facebook and, in recent weeks, more than 3,000 people have seen our Facebook posts each week.

NILL Flood Damage & Cleanup

NILL experienced water damage during September's historic flood in the Boulder area.
In one 24 hour period, more than 8 inches of rain fell and over 16 inches (a little less than what we get in a year) fell during the multi-day storm. Water seeped into the NILL basement and caused about $12,000 in damage to print information resources, $13,000 in water/mold response and about $16,000 in repairs. NARF insurance does not cover the damages; however, we are applying for possible aid from FEMA. All books, IT, and other items stored in the basement rooms were moved to the ground floor and an outdoor storage container. All repairs should be complete by December 1.


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