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Founded by NARF's Board of Directors, the Peta Uha Council is a select support group that accepts members by invitation only.

Peta Uha is the Lakota (Sioux) term for firekeeper -- an honored tribal member who made a solemn commitment to ensure that the sacred flame, a source of light, heat and energy, would always be kept burning. Like firekeepers, members of the Peta Uha Council help to ensure that NARF's important work on behalf of Native Americans can continue. They do this through their generous donations and by using their positions of influence in their communities, businesses and professional circles to raise awareness of the many challenges facing Native Americans throughout the United States.

Peta Uha Council members are held in very high esteem for their generous support and commitment to our work, and they receive special membership benefits. Contact Don Ragona at (303) 447-8760 or for more information.


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