If a petition for an involuntary termination of parental rights has been brought before the Magistrate Court, an investigation or report to the court under the Termination Act is required. If the petition has been filed by the Department a report is required pursuant to Section 16-2008(b), Idaho Code. Reports submitted under the Termination Act based on an involuntary termination of parental rights shall include: (3-30-01)

01. Allegations. The allegations contained in the petition. (3-30-01)

02. Investigation. The process of the assessment and investigation. (3-30-01)

03. Family Circumstances. The present condition of the child and parent(s), especially the circumstances of the parent(s) whose rights are being terminated and contact with the parent(s) of a minor parent, unless lack of contact is explained. (5-3-03)

04. Medical Information. The information forms regarding the child, birth mother, and birth father shall be submitted with the Report to the Court. Reasonably known or available medical and genetic information regarding both birth parents and source of such information, as well as reasonably known or available providers of medical care and services to the birth parents. (3-30- 01)

05. Efforts To Maintain Family. Other facts that pertain to the parent and child relationship including what reasonable efforts have been made to keep the child with the family. (3-30-01)

06. Absent Parent. Reasonable efforts made by the petitioner to locate an absent parent(s) and provision of notification to an unmarried father of the paternity registry requirement pursuant to Section 16-1513, Idaho Code. (3- 20-04)

07. Planning. Proposed plans for the child consistent with: (3-30-01)

a. The Indian Child Welfare Act, including potential for placement with the Indian child's extended family, other members of the Indian child's tribe, or other Indian families; and (3-30-01)

b. The Multi-Ethnic Placement Act and Interethnic Placement Act and regulations prohibiting states from delaying or denying cross-jurisdictional adoptive placements with an approved family which shall include individualized documentation regarding this child's needs in permanent placement. (3-30-01)

08. Compliance With The Indian Child Welfare Act. Documentation of compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act, including identification of whether the child is Indian and if so: (3-30-01)

a. Notification of the pending proceedings by registered mail with return receipt requested, to the parent(s) or Indian custodian(s) and the Indian child's tribe, or to the Secretary of the Interior if their identity or location cannot be determined; (5-3-03)

b. Notification of the right of the parent(s) or Indian custodian(s), and the Indian child's tribe, to intervene in the proceeding and their right to be granted up to twenty (20) additional days to prepare for the proceeding; (5-3- 03)

c. Notification that if the court determines indigency, the parent(s) or Indian custodian(s) shall have the right to court-appointed counsel; (5-3-03)

d. Evidence, including identity and qualifications of expert witnesses, that continued custody of the child by the parent(s) or Indian custodian(s) is likely to result in serious emotional or physical damage to the child; (5-3-03)

e. A recommendation and the reasons therefor as to whether or not termination of the parent and child relationship is in the best interest of the child; and (3-30-01)

f. Upon the court's written decision to terminate parental rights, two certified copies of the "Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Decree" are to be placed in the child's permanent record. (3-30-01)

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