Neb. Rev. Stat. § 43-1314

Nebraska Revised Statutes of 1943

Chapter 43. Infants and Juveniles

Article 13. Foster Care

(A) Foster Care Review Act

§ 43-1314. Review of dispositional order; right to participate; notice.

Except as otherwise provided in the Nebraska Indian Child Welfare Act, notice of the court review and the right of participation in all court reviews pertaining to a child in a foster care placement shall be provided by the court having jurisdiction over such child for the purposes of foster care placement either in court, by mail, or in such other manner as the court may direct. Such notice shall be provided to: (1) The person charged with the care of such child; (2) the child's parents or guardian unless the parental rights of the parents have been terminated by court action as provided in section 43-292 or 43-297; (3) the foster child if age fourteen or over; (4) the foster parent or parents of the foster child; (5) the guardian ad litem of the foster child; and (6) the state board. Notice of the court review shall also be provided to the preadoptive parent or relative providing care for the child. Notice to the foster parent, preadoptive parent, or relative providing care shall not be construed to require that such foster parent, preadoptive parent, or relative be made a party to the review solely on the basis of such notice and opportunity to be heard.

Source: Laws 1982, LB 714, § 14; Laws 1985, LB 255, § 43; Laws 1988, LB 948, § 1; Laws 1990, LB 1222, § 11; Laws 1998, LB 1041, § 41.


Nebraska Indian Child Welfare Act, see section 43-1501.


A foster parent does not have an interest in the placement of an adjudicated child sufficient to warrant intervention in juvenile proceedings as a matter of right, but is entitled to notice and an opportunity to participate in all court reviews pertaining to a child in foster care placement. In re Interest of Destiny S., 263 Neb. 255, 639 N.W.2d 400 (2002).

Under this section and section 43-285, foster parents have standing to participate in foster care placement review hearings. In re Interest of Jorius G. & Cheralee G., 249 Neb. 892, 546 N.W.2d 796 (1996).

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