Neb. Rev. Stat. § 43-1508

Nebraska Revised Statutes of 1943

Chapter 43. Infants and Juveniles

Article 15. Nebraska Indian Child Welfare Act

§ 43-1508. Placement guidelines; records.

(1) In any adoptive placement of an Indian child under state law, a preference shall be given, in the absence of good cause to the contrary, to a placement with:

(a) A member of the child's extended family;

(b) Other members of the Indian child's tribe; or

(c) Other Indian families.

(2) Any child accepted for foster care or preadoptive placement shall be placed in the least restrictive setting which most approximates a family and in which his or her special needs, if any, may be met. The child shall also be placed within reasonable proximity to his or her home, taking into account any special needs of the child. In any foster care or preadoptive placement, a preference shall be given, in the absence of good cause to the contrary, to a placement with:

(a) A member of the Indian child's extended family;

(b) A foster home licensed, approved, or specified by the Indian child's tribe;

(c) An Indian foster home licensed or approved by an authorized non-Indian licensing authority; or

(d) An institution for children approved by an Indian tribe or operated by an Indian organization which has a program suitable to meet the Indian child's needs.

(3) In the case of a placement under subsection (1) or (2) of this section, if the Indian child's tribe shall establish a different order of preference by resolution, the agency or court effecting the placement shall follow such order so long as the placement is the least restrictive setting appropriate to the particular needs of the child, as provided in subsection (2) of this section. When appropriate, the preference of the Indian child or parent shall be considered, except that, when a consenting parent evidences a desire for anonymity, the court or agency shall give weight to such desire in applying the preferences.

(4) The standards to be applied in meeting the preference requirements of this section shall be the prevailing social and cultural standards of the Indian community in which the parent or extended family resides or with which the parent or extended family members maintain social and cultural ties.

(5) A record of each such placement, under state law, of an Indian child shall be maintained by the state, evidencing the efforts to comply with the order of preference specified in this section. Such record shall be made available at any time upon the request of the secretary or the Indian child's tribe.

Source: Laws 1985, LB 255, § 8.


The placement preferences delineated in this section may yield to the wishes of the parent or for other good causes shown. In re Interest of C.W. et al., 239 Neb. 817, 479 N.W.2d 105 (1992).

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