S.D. Codified Laws § 26-7A-44

South Dakota Codified Laws

Title 26. Minors

Chapter 26-7A. Juvenile Court

§ 26-7A-44. Summons--Unknown parties--Contents

Upon the filing of the petition, the court, the clerk of the court, or the prosecuting attorney shall issue a summons stating the time, date, and place for the hearing on the petition that is directed to the child's parents, guardian, or custodian, if any. If the petition declares the parties are unknown, then to "All Whom It May Concern" is sufficient to authorize the court to hear and determine the action as though the parties had been described by their proper names. The summons shall:

(1) Require the persons named in it to appear, either in person or by attorney, at a stated time, date, and place and to respond to the petition and shall advise the persons named that failure to appear is an admission to the allegations contained in the petition;

(2) State that the persons named and the child who is the subject of the petition have the right to an attorney at all stages of the proceedings;

(3) If the petition alleges the child to be an abused or neglected child, include a statement that the termination of parental rights is a possible remedy under the proceeding. The summons may not require the child to personally appear unless otherwise required by the court;

(4) If the petition alleges the child to be a child in need of supervision or a delinquent child, require the parents or the party having custody of the child to appear, either in person or by attorney, with the child at the time, date, and place stated in the summons; and

(5) If the petition alleges the Indian Child Welfare Act to be applicable, so state and give appropriate notice accordingly.

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