Wash. Rev. Code § 13.34.250

Revised Code of Washington

Title 13. Juvenile Courts and Juvenile Offenders

Chapter 13.34. Juvenile Court Act--Dependency and Termination of Parent-child Relationship

§ 13.34.250. Preference characteristics when placing Indian child in foster care home

Whenever appropriate, an Indian child shall be placed in a foster care home with the following characteristics which shall be given preference in the following order:

(1) Relatives;

(2) An Indian family of the same tribe as the child;

(3) An Indian family of a Washington Indian tribe of a similar culture to that tribe;

(4) Any other family which can provide a suitable home for an Indian child, such suitability to be determined through consultation with a local Indian child welfare advisory committee.


[1979 c 155 § 53.]

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