Wash. Rev. Code § 13.70.100

Revised Code of Washington

Title 13. Juvenile Courts and Juvenile Offenders

Chapter 13.70. Substitute Care of Children--Review Board System

§ 13.70.100. Child in substitute care--No dependency petition--Procedures-- Review

(1) This section shall apply to cases where a child has been placed in substitute care pursuant to written parental consent and a dependency petition has not been filed under chapter 13.34 RCW. If a dependency petition is subsequently filed and the child's placement in substitute care continues pursuant to a court order entered in a proceeding under chapter 13.34 RCW, the provisions set forth in RCW 13.70.110 shall apply.

(2) Within thirty days following commencement of the placement episode, the department shall send a copy of the written parental consent to the juvenile court with jurisdiction over the geographical area in which the child resides.

(3) Within forty-five days following commencement of the placement episode, the court shall assign the child's case to a board and forward to the board a copy of the written parental consent to placement.

(4) The board shall review the case plan for each child in substitute care whose case is assigned to the board by the court. The review shall take place at times set by the board. The first review shall occur within ninety days following commencement of the placement episode. The second review shall occur within six months following commencement of the placement episode. The final board review shall occur no later than six months following the second review unless the child is no longer in substitute care or unless a guardianship order or adoption decree is entered.

(5) The board shall prepare written findings and recommendations with respect to:

(a) Whether reasonable efforts were made before the placement to prevent or eliminate the need for removal of the child from the home;

(b) Whether reasonable efforts have been made subsequent to the placement to make it possible for the child to be returned home;

(c) Whether the child has been placed in the least-restrictive setting appropriate to the child's needs, including whether consideration has been given to placement with the child's relatives;

(d) Whether there is a continuing need for and whether the placement is appropriate;

(e) Whether there has been compliance with the case plan;

(f) Whether progress has been made toward alleviating the need for placement;

(g) A likely date by which the child may be returned home or other permanent plan of care may be implemented; and

(h) Other problems, solutions, or alternatives the board determines should be explored.

(6) Within ten working days following the review, the board shall send a copy of its findings and recommendations to the child's parents and their attorneys, the child's custodians and their attorneys, mature children and their attorneys, and the department and other child placement agencies directly responsible for supervising the child's placement. If the child is an Indian as defined in the Indian child welfare act, 25 U.S.C. 1901 et seq., a copy of the board's findings and recommendations shall also be sent to the child's Indian tribe.

(7) If the department is unable or unwilling to implement the board recommendations, the department shall submit to the board, within ten working days after receipt of the findings and recommendations, an implementation report setting forth the reasons why the department in unable or unwilling to implement the board's recommendations. The report will also set forth the case plan which the department intends to implement.

(8) The court shall not review the findings and recommendations of the board in cases where the child has been placed in substitute care with signed parental consent unless a dependency petition has been filed and the child has been taken into custody under RCW 13.34.050.


[1993 c 505 § 2; 1989 1st ex.s. c 17 § 12.]

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