Wash. Rev. Code § 26.33.045

West's Revised Code of Washington

Title 26. Domestic Relations

Chapter 26.33. Adoption

26.33.045. Delay or denial of adoption on basis of race, color, or national origin prohibited--Consideration in placement--Exception

An adoption shall not be delayed or denied on the basis of the race, color, or national origin of the adoptive parent or the child involved. However, when the department or an agency considers whether a placement option is in a child's best interests, the department or agency may consider the cultural, ethnic, or racial background of the child and the capacity of prospective adoptive parents to meet the needs of a child of this background. This provision shall not apply to or affect the application of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978, 25 U.S.C. Sec. 1901 et seq.


[1995 c 270 § 8.]

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