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Minnesota Chippewa Tribe - Leech Lake Band - Tribal Code


Title 3. Child and Family Protection
3-11. Filing Child/Family Protection Petition


LLOjibwe JCT3 CFC § 3-11
3-11. Filing Child/Family Protection Petition

A. Authorization to File Petition

Formal child/family protection proceedings shall be instituted by a child/family protection petition filed by the Band prosecutor on behalf of the Band and in the best interests of the child.

B. Time Limitations

If a child has been removed from the home, then a child/family protection petition shall be filed with the Tribal Court no later than 12:00 p.m. (noon) of the second court working day following the removal.

C. Contents of Petition

The child/family protection petition shall set forth the following with specificity:

1. The name, birth date, sex, residence and tribal affiliation of the child;

2. The basis for the Court's jurisdiction;

3. The specific allegations of abuse, neglect or abandonment;

4. A plain and concise statement of the facts upon which the allegations of abuse, neglect or abandonment are based, including the date, time and location at which the alleged facts occurred;

5. The names, residence and tribal affiliation of the child's parents, guardians or custodians, if known;

6. The names, relationship and residences of all known members of the child's extended family and all former care givers, if known, and;

7. If the child is placed outside of the home, where the child is placed, the facts necessitating the placement and the date and time of the placement. On order of the Court information regarding the child's placement may be sealed if the Court finds that disclosure of the information may seriously endanger the child or the caregiver.

Resolution No. 03-62, presented and acted upon on December 23, 2002.

Leech Lake Ojibwe Jud. Code, T. 3, Child & Fam. Protect. Code § 3-11, LLOjibwe JCT3 CFC § 3-11

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