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Minnesota Chippewa Tribe - Leech Lake Band - Tribal Code

Dated: December 2010

Table of Contents

Title 1. Courts

Part I. Establishment and Operation

Part II. Jurisdiction

Part III. Judges

Part IV. Court Administrator

Part V. Counsel

Part VI. Contempt of Court

Part VII. General Court Procedures

Title 2. Rules of Procedure

Part I. Introduction to the Rules

Part II. Beginning an Action

Part III. General Rules for Pleading

Part IV. Parties to an Action

Part V. Discovery

Part VI. Trials

Part VII. Judgments and Orders

Part VIII. Appeals

Part IX. Other Matters

Title 3. Child and Family Protection

3-1. Short Title, Purpose and Definitions

3.2. Jurisdiction of the Tribal Court

3-3. Transfer of Jurisdiction

3-4. Procedures and Authorizations

3-5. Protective Services Workers

3-6. Child Protection Team

3-7. Duty to Report Child Abuse and Neglect

3-8. Investigation and Removal

3-9. Notice of Removal

3-10. Restrictions on Placement of Children

3-11. Filing Child/Family Protection Petition

3-12. Initial Hearing

3-13. Notification of Rights

3-14. Thirty (30)-Day Hearing

3-15. Formal Trial on the Issues

3-16. Notice of Formal Trial on the Issues

3-17. Default Judgment

3-18. Six (6) Month Review

3-19. Social Service Report

3-20. Placement Preferences

3-21. Authorization of Medical Treatment

3-23. Guardianship

3.24. Termination of Parental Rights

3-25. Adoptions

3-26. Modification, Revocation of Extension of Court Orders

3-27. Child/Family Protection Records

3-28. Appeals

3-29. Severability

Title 4. Juvenile Justice Code

Title 5. Taxation Code

Chapter 1. Administration

Chapter 2. Tobacco Tax

Chapter 3. Gasoline Tax

Chapter 4. Sales Tax

Chapter 5. Lodging Tax

Chapter 6. Liquor Tax

Chapter 7. Water & Sewer Use Tax on Lodging

Title 6. Family Relations

Chapter 1. Purpose, Use of Language from Other Laws and Jurisdiction

Chapter 2. Marriage

Chapter 3. Marital Property

Chapter 4. Dissolution

Chapter 5. Child Custody and Parenting Time

Chapter 6. Rules of Procedure for Family Relations

Chapter 7. Antenuptial Contracts

Chapter 8. Paternity

Chapter 9. Adoption

Chapter 10. Guardianship of a Minor

Title 7. Customary Adoption Code

Title 9. Secured Transactions Ordinance

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Chapter 2. Effectiveness, Attachment and Rights of Parties

Chapter 3. Perfection and Priority

Chapter 4. Rights of Third Parties

Chapter 5. Filing

Chapter 6. Default

Chapter 7. Miscellaneous Provisions

Off-Highway Vehicle Code

Conservation Code

Chapter I. Implementing Regulations

Chapter II. Fishing Regulations

Chapter III. Hunting and Trapping Regulations

Chapter IV. Ricing Regulations

Chapter V. Reservation Court

Chapter VI. General

Dog Ordinance

Dog Registration and Control of Dangerous Dogs, Ordinance No. 1

Motor Vehicle Code, Ordinance No. 93-01


Registration Fee


Certificate of Title

Transfer of Title

Burn Ordinance

Open Burning, Burn Barrel and Fire Prevention, Ordinance No. 2006-02

Pesticide Control Ordinance

Real Estate Mortgages and Foreclosure

Section I. General Provisions

Section II. Foreclosure by Action

Section III. Foreclosure by Advertisement

Traffic Code

Chapter 100. Authority, Purpose, Title, and Definitions

Chapter 200. Traffic Regulations

Chapter 300. Penalties

Chapter 400. Forum and Procedures

Chapter 500. Transfer of Jurisdiction Over Offenses of Persons Not Subject to Jurisdiction of the Leech Lake Band

Chapter 600. Amendment and Effective Date

Unlawful Detainer and Judicial Eviction Ordinance

Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Election Ordinance No. 10

Chapter I. Candidates and Voting

Chapter II. Conduct of Elections

Chapter III. Recounts, Contests, and Appeals

Solid Waste Transportation, Disposal and Recycling Ordinance No. 95-01



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