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Law and Order Code of the Fort McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone Tribe, Nevada

Code last amended: 2008

Chapter 14. Civil Protective Custody

Legislative History

This new chapter to the Fort McDermitt Law & Order Code was originally enacted on September 13, 1988 by the Tribal Council.

Sec. 1. Method, Purpose, Duration.

By the filing of a petition with the Fort McDermitt Tribal Court, a petitioner may seek to have any individual who is incapable of caring for himself or others due to alcoholism or other mental unsoundness at an institution of appropriate nature, e.g., State Hospital, etc.

The purpose of such confinement shall be to obtain the needed medical services for the care and rehabilitation of the person to whom the petition is directed.

A commitment order of the court will be determined by a judge after consultation with mental health officials of the state of Nevada, the Tribe and Indian Health Service staff.

Without a commitment order signed by a judge of the Tribal Court, the maximum duration of any commitment by a police officer of this Tribe or a Bureau of Indian Affairs police officer shall be thirty-six (36) hours.

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