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Tribal Code of the Oneida Indian Tribe of Wisconsin

Confirmed Current: 2010

To contact the Oneida Tribe, visit the tribe's website.

Online Copies of the Code are Also Available at the Following Links:
The tribe's website

Westlaw Annotated Copy - (Information about participating in the Westlaw/NARF Tribal Law Project.)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Administrative Procedures Act
Chapter 2. Oneida Election Law
Chapter 3. Code of Ethics Matters
Chapter 4. Removal Law
Chapter 5. Oneida Pardon Ordinance
Chapter 6. Format for Laws
Chapter 7. Open Records and Open Meetings
Chapter 8. Audit Law
Chapter 9. Per Capita Ordinance Issues
Chapter 10. Membership Ordinance Issues
Chapter 12. Archeological & Historical Resources
Chapter 13. Oneida Worker's Compensation Law
Chapter 14. Sovereign Immunity
Chapter 15. Computer Resources Ordinance
Chapter 21. Oneida Nation Gaming Ordinance
Chapter 32. Tattooing and Body Piercing Law
Chapter 33. Oneida Safety Law
Chapter 34. Tribal Regulation of Domestic Animals
Chapter 35. Emergency Mgmt and Homeland Security
Chapter 36. Oneida Food Service Code
Chapter 37. Oneida Nation Law Enforcement Ordinance
Chapter 42. Woodcutting Ordinance
Chapter 44. Recycling and Solid Waste Disposal
Chapter 45. Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Law
Chapter 46. On-Site Waste Disposal Ordinance
Chapter 47. Sanitation Ordinance
Chapter 48. Water Resources Ordinance
Chapter 49. All-Terrain Vehicle Law
Chapter 51. Motor Vehicle Registration Ordinance
Chapter 56. Oneida Vender Licensing
Chapter 57. Oneida Indian Preference Law
Chapter 58. Garnishment Ordinance
Chapter 59. Alcohol Beverage Licensing Law
Chapter 60. Tobacco Ordinance
Chapter 61. Oneida Room Tax Law
Chapter 66. The Building Code of the Oneida Reservation
Chapter 67. Real Property Law
Chapter 68. Condominium Ordinance
Chapter 69. Zoning and Shoreland Protection Law
Chapter 75. Cemetery Law
Chapter 77. Paternity
Chapter 78. Child Support
Chapter 79. Child Custody, Placement, and Visitation
Chapter 82. Notary Act
Chapter 83. Hall of Fame
Chapter 84. Endowments
Chapter 97. Military Service Employee Protection Act
Chapter 200. Tribal Environmental Quality Review

Chapter I. Rules of the Oneida Tribal Judicial System
Chapter II. Rules of Civil Procedure
Chapter III. Rules of Appellate Procedure
Chapter IV. Peacemaker's Manual
Chapter V. Judicial Code of Conduct

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