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Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Tribal Code

PTN Code § 1-3-1
Section 1-3-1. Acts or Failure to Act Which Constitute Contempt of Court

The following acts or failures to act may serve as the basis for finding an individual or other entity in contempt of court:

1. Disorderly, contemptuous, or insulting behavior toward a Judge while holding court, which tends to interrupt the course of the proceedings or undermine the dignity of the Court.

2. A breach of the peace, or loud, boisterous conduct which tends to interrupt the Court in a judicial proceeding.

3. Deceit, or abuse of process or proceedings of the Court by a party or counselor to a judicial proceeding.

4. Disobedience to a lawful judgment, order or process of the Court.

5. Assuming to be an officer, spokesman or other official of the court and acting as such without authority.

6. Rescuing or taking any person or property from the Court or an officer acting under court order, contrary to the order of the Court.

7. Unlawfully detaining or otherwise interfering with a witness or party to an action while such person is going to or from a court proceeding or attending court.

8. Disobedience of a subpoena duly served, or refusing to be sworn or answer as a witness.

9. Any other interference with the process, proceeding, or dignity of the Court, or of a Judge of the Court while in performance of his official duties.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code § 1-3-1, PTN Code § 1-3-1

PTN Code § 1-3-2
Section 1-3-2. Civil Contempt

The following rules apply to civil contempt:

1. A civil contempt is prosecuted to preserve, protect, enforce or restore the duly adjudicated rights of a party to a civil action against one under legal obligation to do or refrain from doing something as a result of a judicial decree or order.

2. Relief in a civil contempt proceeding may be coercive or compensatory in nature as to the complaining party and may include a fine payable to the Court or to the complaining party.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code § 1-3-2, PTN Code § 1-3-2

PTN Code § 1-3-3
Section 1-3-3. Contempt Procedures

The following rules apply to contempt procedures:

1. A direct contempt is one committed in the presence of the Court or so near thereto as to be disruptive of the Court proceedings, and such may be adjudged and punished summarily.

2. All other contempts shall be determined by a hearing at which the person accused of contempt is given notice and an opportunity to be heard.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code § 1-3-3, PTN Code § 1-3-3

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