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Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Tribal Code

PTN Code § 10-10-1
Section 10-10-1. Prior Inconsistent Ordinances Repealed

All prior ordinance(s), resolution(s), policies or rules that are inconsistent with this Ordinance are hereby repealed and of no further force or effect.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code § 10-10-1, PTN Code § 10-10-1

PTN Code § 10-10-2
Section 10-10-2. Savings/Severability

Each section of this Ordinance shall be severable from every other section. In the event that any part of this Ordinance is found to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the invalid part shall be severable and the remainder shall remain in full force and effect.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code § 10-10-2, PTN Code § 10-10-2

PTN Code § 10-10-3
Section 10-10-3. Severability

If the constitutional requirements for enrollment with the Tribe are changed by constitutional amendment, such amendments shall automatically be included within this Ordinance.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code § 10-10-3, PTN Code § 10-10-3

PTN Code § 10-10-4
Section 10-10-4. Amendments

Any amendment to this Ordinance shall be by resolution of the Tribal Council. The Committee may make recommendations to the Tribal Council concerning amendments.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code § 10-10-4, PTN Code § 10-10-4

PTN Code § 10-10-5
Section 10-10-5. Effective Date

This Ordinance shall become effective upon passage by the Tribal Council by resolution.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code § 10-10-5, PTN Code § 10-10-5

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