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Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Tribal Code

Title X
Chapter 2. Enrollment Committee

Section 10-2-1. Enrollment Committee

Section 10-2-2. Committee Duties

Section 10-2-3. Meetings


PTN Code § 10-2-1
Section 10-2-1. Enrollment Committee

There is hereby established an Enrollment Committee whose duties shall be described in Section 10-2-2 of this Chapter. The Committee may consist of up to six (6) members who shall be appointed by the Tribal Council. The Tribal Council shall delegate a Chairperson to preside over all committee meetings. The Committee shall elect from among its members a Secretary. Members of the Committee must follow the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Administrative Policy and Procedures entitled “Tribal Council Committees”.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code § 10-2-1, PTN Code § 10-2-1

PTN Code § 10-2-2
Section 10-2-2. Committee Duties

The duties of the Committee shall be as follows:

(1) To review applications, submitted by the Enrollment Office, at a duly called committee meeting for determination of eligibility in accordance with this Ordinance and the Constitution;

(2) To approve or deny applications in accordance with this Ordinance and the Constitution;

(3) To approve or deny honorary applications in accordance with this Ordinance and the Constitution;

(4) To sign off on all relinquishments from the Tribe;

(5) To approve all forms created by the Enrollment Office;

(6) To make recommendations to the Tribal Council concerning amendments to this Ordinance;

(7) To approve all amendments to the Enrollment Department Policies and Procedures;

(8) Shall keep a current roll of members of the Tribe;

(9) Shall conduct a census of the members of the Tribe once every year in the month of April;

(10) To ensure that the requirements of this Ordinance and the Constitution are carried and enforced; and

(11) Any other duties as may be delegated by the Tribal Council or required to carry out the duties of the Committee.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code § 10-2-2, PTN Code § 10-2-2

PTN Code § 10-2-3
Section 10-2-3. Meetings

The Committee shall hold monthly meetings and other meetings as is necessary. If it appears that the Committee has no official business to act on, the monthly meeting may be canceled by the Chairperson of the Committee. The Committee Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings. All minutes of Committee meetings shall be kept in the Enrollment Office and a copy shall be submitted to the Tribal Council Secretary.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code § 10-2-3, PTN Code § 10-2-3


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