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Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Tribal Code

Title X
Chapter 4. Enrollment Office

Section 10-4-1. Enrollment Office

PTN Code § 10-4-1
Section 10-4-1. Enrollment Office

There is hereby established an Office of Tribal Enrollment. The duties of the Office of Tribal Enrollment shall include but not be limited to the following:

(1) To respond to and keep a record of all application requests;

(2) To receive all applications;

(3) To review all applications for contents and completeness;

(4) To notify applicants of missing information needed to complete enrollment;

(5) To research records to obtain adequate documentation for enrollment actions;

(6) To ensure that all applications and documentation are complete before submitting to the Committee;

(7) To meet with the Committee, at a duly called Committee meeting, a minimum of one time per month, unless there is no official business to act on;

(8) To record all actions taken on specific enrollment actions;

(9) To maintain accurate and current enrollment files on each applicant;

(10) To protect the privacy of all applicants and Tribal Members;

(11) To establish policies and procedures in accordance with the Constitution and this Ordinance for its internal operations; and

(12) To perform any other duties which are necessary for fulfilling the purposes of this Ordinance or which may be assigned by the Committee or Tribal Council.

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code § 10-4-1, PTN Code § 10-4-1


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