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Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa (Meskwaki) - Code
Table of Contents

Updated: January 23, 2013

The links below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribe's website. Please contact the library for assistance.

Table of Contents

Title 1. General Provisions
Article I. Tribal Enactments
Article II. Law and Statutes
Article III. Tribal Council Procedure

Title 2. Administration
Article I. [Reserved]
Article II. Holidays
Article III. Administrative Departments [Reserved]
Article IV. Administrative Procedure

Title 3. Business and Profession
Article I. Business Licenses
Article II. Corporations
Article III. Non-Profit Corporations

Title 4. Commercial Code
Article I. General Provisions
Article II. Uniform Commercial Code

Title 5. Dispute Resolution
Article I. General Provisions
Article II. Establishment and Organization of Courts
Article III. Officers and Employees of Courts
Article IV. Jurisdiction and Procedure
Article V. Limitations of Actions
Article VI. Disputes Involving The Tribe

Title 6. Family Relations

Title 7. Child Welfare
Article I. General Provisions
Article II. Child Welfare Proceedings
Article III. Meskwaki Family Services

Title 8. Elections and Petitions
Article I. General Provisions
Article II. Voters
Article III. Petitions
Article IV. Elections
Article V. Violations

Title 9. Employment and Labor
Article I. Employment Rights
Article II. Worker Benefits [Reserved]

Title 10. Enrollment
Article I. General Provisions
Article II. Administration
Article III. Tribal Rolls
Article IV. Enrollment Procedure
Article V. Adoption Procedure
Article VI. Disenrollment

Title 11. Gaming
Article I. General Provisions
Article II. Gaming Commission
Article III. Licensing
Article IV. Management Contracts
Article V. Auditing and Accounting
Article VI. Internal Controls
Article VII. Prohibited and Unlawful Activities

Title 12. Health and Safety
Article IV. Mandatory Abuse and Health Reporting

Title 13. Law and Order
Article I. General Provisions
Article 2. Tribal Police
Article III. Office of the Prosecutor
Article IV. Jail and Detention [Reserved]
Article V. Crimes and Offenses
Article VI. Criminal Procedure
Article VII. Reserved
Article VIII. Banishment
Article IX. Sex Offender Registration

Title 14. Natural Resources
Article I. General Provisions
Article II. Natural Resources Department
Article III. Fish and Game
Article IV. Protected Species
Article V. All Terrain Vehicle Safety
Article VI Meskwaki Settlement Flood Damage Prevention

Title 16. Property
Article I. in General
Article II. Assignment of Tribal Land
Article III. Mortgage Assistance Program for Members of the Tribe
Article IV. Leasing Generally
Article V. Rights-of-way
Article VI. Licenses and Permits
Article VII. Zoning and Land Use [Reserved]
Article VIII. Eminent Domain
Article IX. Repossession of Personal Property
Article X. Mortgaging of Trust Land, Restricted Land, or Fee Simple Land Within an Indian Area

Title 17. Taxation
Article I. General Provisions
Article II. Retail Sales and Services Tax
Article III. Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax
Article IV. Cigarette and Tobacco Products Excise Tax
Article V. Provisions Applicable to All Taxes Imposed by This Title
Article VI. Authority, Administrative Appeals and Collections
Article VII. Business and Professional Licenses

Title 18. Transportation
Article 1. General Provisions
Article II. Vehicle Equipment
Article III. Rules of the Road- Civil Offenses
Article IV. Driving Offenses- Criminal

Title 19. Judicial Validation

Title 21. Liquor Control
Article I. General Provisions

Title 22. Exclusion       
Article I. Exclusion

Title 23. Guardianship and Conservatorship
Article I. Guardianship and Conservatorship

Title 25. Domestic Violence

[Table of Contents created by NILL in May 2014, based on materials on tribe's webiste]



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