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Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe - Tribal Code, Table of Contents

Table of Contents from August 2013

The tribe has not given permission for the full-text document to be made available online at NILL. The tribal code is available at the tribe's website. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Table of Contents

Title 1-Court Procedures
Title 2-Law and Order
Title 4-Exclusion
Title 4A-Exclusion of Tribal Members
Title 6-Elections
Title 7-Zoning
Title 8-Building
Title 9-Business, Licensing and Taxation
Title 10-Liquor
Title 11-Fireworks and Safety
Stand Owner - Fireworks Classifications in the U.S.
Title 12-Gaming
Title 13-Animal Control
Title 14- Eviction Procedures
Title 15-Enrollment
Title 16-Civil Infractions
Title 17-General Impoundment
Title 18-Motor Vehicle Impoundment
Title 19-Appellate
Title 20-Family (Modified 3-29-13)
Title 21-Rules of Criminal Procedure
Title 22-Tribal Utilities Authority
Title 23-Environmental Infractions
Title 24-[DRAFT] Fish & Wildlife
Title 25-Housing (this supersedes Title 5 Housing)
Title 28-Sex Offender Registry Code
Title 44-Cigarette Sales and Tax Code
Title 46-Traffic (this supersedes Title 3 Traffic)

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