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Standing Rock Sioux - Tribal Code

Confirmed current through December 1, 2010

Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Code of Justice

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Title 1. Courts

Rules of Court
Ch. 1. Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court
Ch. 2. Supreme Court of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Ch. 3. Judges and Justices
Ch. 4. Court Administration
Ch. 5. Tribal Court Prosecutor and Public Defender
Ch. 6. Attorneys and Lay Counselors

Title 2. Civil Procedure
Ch. 1. Pre-Trial and Trial Procedures
Ch. 2. Judgements
Ch. 3. Extraordinary Writs
Ch. 4. Applicable Laws
Ch. 5. Statute of Limitations
Title 3. Criminal Procedure
Ch. 1. Complaint
Ch. 2. Arrests
Ch. 3. Searches
Ch. 4. Arraignment and Release
Ch. 5. Trial Proceedings
Ch. 6. Sentences
Title 4. Criminal Offenses

Ch. 1.General Provisions
Ch. 2. Defenses
Ch. 3. Complicity, Solicitation, and Attempts
Ch. 4. Pardon
Ch. 5. Crimes Against Persons
Ch. 6. Crimes Against Property
Ch. 7. Dangerous Weapons and Explosives
Ch. 8. Criminal Offenses Involving Drug
Ch. 9. Offenses Involving Governmental Processes
Ch. 10. Disorderly Conduct and Related Offenses
Ch. 11. Gambling
Ch. 12. Exploitation of Children
Ch. 13. Liquor Laws
Ch. 14. Penalties
Ch. 15. Gang and Gang Related Activities
Ch. 16. Sex Offender Registration

Title 5. Family Code
Ch. 1 .Marriage
Ch. 2. Annulment and Divorce
Ch. 3. Child Custody, Division of Property and Alimony
Ch. 4. Adoption
Ch. 5. Change of Names of Persons.
Title 6. Children's Code

Ch. 1. Purpose
Ch. 2. Definitions
Ch. 3. The Court
Ch. 4. Delinquent Children
Ch. 5. Status Offenders
Ch. 6. Child-in-Need of Supervision
Ch. 7. Child Custody
Ch. 8. Termination of Parental Rights
Ch. 9. Adoption
Ch. 10. Emancipation
Ch. 11. Transfer and Intervention in State Court Child Custody Proceedings

Title 7. Mental Illness and Chemical Dependence

Ch. 1. Purpose-Construction-Definitions-Jurisdiction
Ch. 2. The Involuntary Treatment of Mentally Ill Persons
Ch. 3. The Involuntary Commitment of Chemical Dependent Persons
Ch. 4. General Provisions.

Title 8. Liquor

Title 9. Game, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Code

Ch. 1. Establishment of Standing Rock Sioux tribe's Game, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Department. Ch. 2. Definitions. Ch. 3. Jurisdiction of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.
Ch. 4. Duties and Authority of Game, Fish, and Wildlife Conservation Director.
Ch. 5. Enforcement by Tribal Rangers.
Ch. 6. Protection of Wildlife.
Ch. 7. Protection of Fish.
Ch. 8. Possession and Transportation of Fish and Wildlife.
Ch. 9. Licenses to Hunt, Fish, and Trap.
Ch. 10. Game, Fish and Wildlife Public Safety.
Ch. 11. Hunter Safety and Education.
Ch. 12. Check Stations - Waste of Wildlife.
Ch. 13. Penalties and Sanctions.
Ch. 14. Refuges.
Ch. 15. Protected Areas and Wetlands.
Ch. 16. Wood Harvesting and Cutting.
Ch. 17. Guiding.
Ch. 18. Preservation of Archeaological Resources.
Ch. 19. Boating.
Ch. 20. Proclaimation Legal Effect.
Chapter 21. Dog Training.
Chapter 22. Severability, Repeal and Adoption.

Title 10. Enrollment

Title 11. Health
Ch. 1. Highways
Ch. 2. Occupant Safety

Title 12. Extradition

Title 13. Landlord and Tenant proceedings

Title 14. Probate

Title 15. Elections

Ch. 1. Eligibility of candidates for Tribal Council Offices
Ch. 2. Election procedures. Ch. 3. Tribal school board elections.
Ch. 4. Standing Rock Housing Authority Board.
Ch. 5. Local District and Other Tribal Board Elections.

Title 16.Taxes

Ch. 1. Privilege of doing business tax
Ch. 2. Privilege of operating construction business tax
Ch. 3. Retail sales and service tax - South Dakota Portion
Ch. 4. Use tax - South Dakota portion
Ch. 5. Cigarette tax - South Dakota portion
Ch. 6. Realty improvement contractors' excise tax South Dakota portion
Ch. 7. Sales tax - North Dakota portion
Ch. 8. Use tax - North Dakota portion
Ch. 9. Motor vehicle excise tax (North Dakota portion)
Ch. 10. Tobacco products tax - North Dakota portion
Ch. 11. Tax collection agreements
Ch. 12. Tribal Tax Comission
Ch. 13. Tribal Tax Comission

Title 17. Housing code

Ch. 1. Standing Rock housing authority
Ch. 2. Minimum housing standars
Ch. 3. Zoning
Ch. 4. General structural requirements for new homes and major improvement alterations and additions. Ch. 5. Building design standards for new homes and major improvement alterations and additions
Ch. 6. Plumbing
Ch. 7. Electrical installation
Ch. 8. Rural area sanitary facilities
Ch. 9. Yard maintenance
Ch. 10. Fire Prevention
Chapter 11. Administration and Enforcement of Chapters 3-10.

Title 18. Tribal employees

Ch. 1. Governing Principles
Ch. 2. Employee Rights and Responsibilities
Ch. 3. Disciplinary Action and Employee Grievances.

Title 18b. Tribal employees

Ch. 1. Governing Principles
Ch. 2. Employee Rights and Responsibilities
Ch. 3. Disciplinary Action and Employee Grievances.

Title 19. Rules and procedures for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council

Ch. 1. Meetings
Ch. 2. Committees
Ch. 3. Duties of tribal officers
Ch. 4. Removal from office
Ch. 5. Travel
Ch. 6. Salary and travel expenses of council members

Title 20. District Employees

Ch. 1. District Organization
Ch. 2. Removal from office.
Financial Management guidelines.

Title 21. Protection for the Elderly

Ch. 1. Policy and definitions
Ch. 2. Reports of abuse.
Ch. 3. Investigation and provision of protective services
Ch. 4. Lack of capacity to consent to protective services
Ch. 5. Long-term guardianships and commitments
Ch. 6. Record keeping and access to records
Ch. 7. Penalties for abuse
Ch. 8. Elderly discrimination prohibited
Ch. 9. Severability, repeal, and adoption.

Title 22. Control of Dogs

Title 23. Licensing and Regulation of Bingo and Other Games of Chance

Ch. 1. Findings
Ch. 2. Definitions
Ch. 3. Tribal gaming commission and tribal gaming department
Ch. 4. Compliance with the act
Ch. 5. Background investigations and licensing of key employees and primary management personnel
Ch. 6. Management contractors
Ch. 7. Class II Gaming
Ch. 8. Class III gaming
Ch. 9. No credit extended
Ch. 10. Jurisdiction over Class III gaming
Ch. 11. Penalties
Ch. 12. Customer disputes
Ch. 13. Miscellaneous

Title 24. Commercial Law

Ch. 1. Repossession of Personal Property

Title 25. Domestic Abuse

Title 26. Standing Rock Solid Waste Management

Ch. 1. Title, Purposes, Definitions
Ch. 2. Environmental Quality Commission.
Ch. 3. General Provisions.
Ch. 4. Solid Waste Storage, Collection and Transportation Services
Ch. 5. Solid Waste Disposal Facilities
Ch. 6. Enforcement
Ch. 7. Petition for Reconsideration and Appeals
Ch. 8. Miscellaneous

Title 27. Tribal Employees Code of Ethics

Ch. 1. General Provisions
Ch. 2. Standards of Conduct.
Ch. 3. Complaints and Investigations.
Ch. 4. Administrative Hearings and Appeals

Title 28. Foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgages

Ch. 1. Initial Proceedings
Ch. 2. Foreclosure Proceedings
Ch. 3. Redemption

Title 29. Environmental Code

Title 30. TERO (Tribal Employment Rights Office)

Ch. 1. General Provisions
Ch. 2. Indian Preference in Employment
Ch. 3. Indian Preference in Contracting and Subcontracting
Ch. 4. Miscellaneous Provisions

Title 31. Pesticides

Ch. 1. Purpose-Definitions
Ch. 2. Pesticide Classification and Tribal Licensing Requirements
Ch. 3. Violation and Enforcement
Ch. 4. Miscellaneous

Title 32. Cultural Resource Code

Ch. 1. Short Title
Ch. 2. Findings and Purpose
Ch. 3. Definitions
Ch. 4. Laws
Ch. 5. Tribal Historic Preservation Office
Ch. 6. Jurisdiction
Ch. 7. Notice
Ch. 8. Class III Survey
Ch. 9. Permit to Survey
Ch. 10. Determination of Effects
Ch. 11. Excavation Permits
Ch. 12. Enforcement
Ch. 13. Inadvertent Discovery
Ch. 14. Protection of Burial Sites
Ch. 15. Ownership
Ch. 16. Standing Rock Historic Register
Ch. 17. Emergency Situations
Ch. 18. Confidentiality
Ch. 19. Severability

Title 33. JTAC Ordinance No. 307-08

Ch. 1. General Provisions
Ch. 2. Notice of Enactment of this Code
Ch. 3. Water Resources Control Board
Ch. 4. Applications for Permits to Use Water
Ch. 5. Hearing on Application for Permits
Ch. 6. Water Permits
Ch. 7. Revocation of Water Use Permit
Ch. 8. Administrative Procedures of Water Resources Control Board Other than Applications for Water Use Permits
Ch. 9. Enforcement Appeals
Ch. 10. Determination of Effects
Ch. 11. Excavation Permits
Ch. 12. Enforcement
Ch. 13. Inadvertent Discovery
Ch. 14. Protection of Burial Sites
Ch. 15. Ownership

Title 34. Tribal Water Code

Ch. 1. Education Fund
Ch. 2. Social/Cultural Fund
Ch. 3. District Economic Development Fund
Ch. 4. Resource Development and Land Acquisition Fund
Ch. 5. Business Equity Loan Fund
Ch. 6. Endowment Replenishment Fund
Ch. 7. Oahe Economic Recovery Fund

Title 38. Paleontology

Ch. 1. Provisions
Ch. 2. Definitions
Ch. 3. Applicability of the Paleontology Code
Ch. 4. Ownership
Ch. 5. Responsibilities of the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Ch. 6. Tribal Authority and Responsibility
Ch. 7. Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality
Ch. 8. Notification
Ch. 9. Permitting
Ch. 10. Land Uses
Ch. 11. Land Exchanges
Ch. 12. Law Enforcement
Ch. 13. Elements of Criminal and Civil Violations
Ch. 14. Criminal Violations
Ch. 15. Civil Proceedings
Ch. 16. Severability
Ch. 17. Adoption

Title 39. Tribal Council Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct

Ch. 1. Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council Codification

Title 40. Revised Access Plan (JTAC)

[Table of Contents created by NILL in January 2012, based on 2010 Westlaw version of code and 1995 print version of code.]

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