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Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribal Community Constitution and Bylaws

Enacted 1975; amended: 08/06/84; Confirmed Current: 2/16/2011

To contact the Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe, visit the tribe's website.

Table of Contents
Constitution and Bylaws

Article 1. Name and territory
Article 2. Membership
Article 3. Governing body
Article 4. Elections and nominations
Article 5. Vacancies and removal
Article 6. Referendum
Article 7. Powers of the Council
Article 8. Bill of Rights
Article 9. Amendments
By Laws:
Article 1. Duties of Officers
Article 2. Qualifications of the members of the Tribal Council
Article 3. Certification of election
Article 4. Installation of Councilmen
Article 5. Salaries
Article 6. Time and place of regular meetings and procedure
Article 7. Adoption
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