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Squaxin Const. Art. XI

Article XI. Bill of Rights


Squaxin Is. Tribal Const. Art. XI


Squaxin Island Tribe

Constitution and Bylaws of the Squaxin Island Tribe of the Squaxin Island Indian Reservation, Washington

Article XI. Bill of Rights

Article XI. Bill of Rights


All members of the Squaxin Island Tribe shall be accorded equal rights pursuant to tribal law. No member shall be denied any of the rights or guarantees enjoyed by non-Indian citizens under the Constitution of the United States, including, but not limited to, freedom of religion and conscience, freedom of speech, the right to orderly association or assembly, the right to petition for action or the redress of grievances, and due process of law.


Squaxin Island Tribal Const. Art. XI, Squaxin Const. Art. XI


Current through Oct. 25, 2010



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