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Constitution and By-laws of the Yankton Sioux Tribal Business and Claims Committee

Updated: May 10, 2011

To contact the Yankton Sioux Tribe, visit the the National Congress of American Indians' directory website.

Table of Contents
Article I - Amended Constitution
Article II - Name
Article III - Purpose and Object
Article IV - Membership
Article V - Officers
Article VI - Territory
Article VII - Claims Against the United States
Article VIII - Headquarters
Article IX - Democratic Form of Government
Article X - Hunting
Article XI - Amendments
Article XII - Law and Order
Amended By-Laws
Article I - Voting on Indian Legislation
Article II - Election
Article III - Meetings
Article IV - Management
Article V - Duties of Officers
Article VI - Eligibility of Office
Article VII - Vacancies
Article VIII - Oath of Office
Article IX - Undue Influence on Contracts
Article X - Membership File
Article XI - Quasi Corporation
Article XII - Rules of Order
Article XIII - Amendments
Amendments I - VII
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