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• • Judge orders Martin to redraw district lines (Rapid City Journal) 12/8/06 (See related case: Cottier v. City of Martin decided on 12/05/06 in the federal trial courts bulletin page)

• • Indian vote, big counties pushed Tester over top (Billings Outpost) 11/23/06

• • Claudia Kauffman makes history in Washington state (Indian Country Today) 11/17/06

• • Change, upheaval and surprises mark tribal elections in the Great Plains (Indian Country Today) 11/17/06

• • Voters elect trio of delegates in Shiprock; Atcitty wins reelection [Navajo Nation](Farmington Daily Times) 11/8/06

• • White Plume claims his rights were violated (Indian Country Today) 11/7/06

• • Board: White Plume off ballot (Rapid City Journal) 11/7/06

• • Fire Thunder back in the race (Indian Country Today) 11/6/06

• • Rally rouses Native American voters (Green Bay Press Gazette) 10/24/2006

• • Voters, bring your ID to polls (Arizona Republic) 10/21/06

• • Tribal election on hold (Leelanau Enterprise) 10/19/06

• • The Oglala Sioux vote in primaries (Indian Country Today) 10/16/06

• • Cherokee chief approves special vote on membership (Tulsa World) 10/7/06

• • Tribal chairman facing stiff challenge (AP-Bismark Tribune) 10/9/06

• • 'Siblings' take on Shirley (Gallup Independent) 10/9/06

• • Herseth opposes voter ID legislation (Rapid City Journal) 9/22/06

• • Tribe's recount changes result (Rapid City Journal) 9/7/06

• • Voter registration rules fodder for campaigns (Minneapolis Star Tribune) 9/6/06

• • Tribal election results contested (Oklahoman) 8/24/06

• • Indian voters in South Dakota win another case (Indianz.com) 8/24/06

• • Votes cast today for new Navajo President (Famington Daily Times) 8/8/06

• • It's time for Navajos to shape future of the Navajo Nation (Farmington Daily Times) 8/6/06

• • TISA Election ballots in storage for now (Williston Herald) 8/2/06

• • Tribes ready for voting rules (Colorado Springs Gazette) 7/28/06

• • Tribes urging tribal members to vote (AP) 7/24/06

• • Voting Rights Act Extension Passes In Senate, 98 to 0 (Washington Post) 7/21/06

• • Indian vote affected if crucial act expires (Sioux Falls Argus Leader) 6/30/06

• • Tribal election results tossed [Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians](Leelanau Enterprise) 6/22/06

• • Osage Nation election results (Native American Times) 6/6/06

• • Recount sought for Red Lake election (Benidji Pioneer) 5/24/06

• • Cherokee voter IDs may not be valid (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) 5/23/06

• • Voting-rights report slams S.D. (Rapid City Journal) 5/18/06

• • Unofficial Shinnecock Nation election results (Indianz.com) 4/5/06

• • Reports: Election oversight still needed (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner) 3/28/06

• • Indians still face obstacles in voting (Rapid City Journal) 3/27/06

• • Osage voters approve constitution (Native American Times) 3/13/06

• • Tribe hopes to put new constitution to vote soon (AP) 2/20/06

• • Panel, tribe going after voters (Sioux Falls Argus Leader) 1/23/06

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