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• • Tribes call for amendment or repeal of P.L. 280 (Indian Country Today) 12/31/08

• • Sex offender registries raises sovereignty issues (Indian Country Today) 12/31/08

• • Niobrara River court case to remain in Sioux County (Chadron Record) 12/16/08

• • American Indian law: a surge of interest on campuses (Chronicle of Higher Education) 9/26/08

• • Court issues welcome ruling on tribes (Olympian) 12/8/08

• • River eviction dispute in hands of tribal court (Press-Enterprise) 12/7/08

• • Sovereignty is at stake (Cherokee Phoenix) 11/20/08

• • Determining tribal jurisdiction over non-tribe members (Wisconsin Lawyer) 11/08

• • Counties balk on lake plan (Spokesman Review) 10/22/08

• • City responds to tribal lawsuit (Riverton Radio) 10/6/08

• • White Earth prepares criminal code to replace state law (Minnesota Public Radio) 10/6/08

• • Labor jurisdiction dispute continues to play out at Mashantucket (Indian Country Today) 9/19/08

• • Acting BIA exec takes authority in UKB land appeal (Tulsa World) 9/16/08

• • Ousted Snoqualmie tribe members get to present case (Seattle Times) 9/10/08

• • Biden pledges to strengthen tribal justice (North County Times) 9/8/08

• • Southern California tribes call for repeal of P.L. 280 (Indian Country Today) 8/18/08

• • Broken justice in Indian country (New York Times) 8/10/08

• • Maine town supports Maliseet jurisdiction over housing land (Indian Country Today) 7/25/08

• • Bill bolsters Tribal power to prosecute rape cases (NPR) 7/23/08

• • Supreme Court holds the line on Tribal court jurisdiction (Mondaq) 7/2/08

• • 9th Circuit ruling in Shoshone-Bannock case (Indianz.com) 6/27/08

• • Supreme Court limits tribal jurisdiction over non-Indians (Indianz.com) 6/26/08

• • Supreme Court reverses tribal jurisdiction ruling (Indianz.com) 6/25/08

• • Two big rulings awaited from Supreme Court (Indianz.com) 6/24/08

• • Judge sides with Iowa hog farm owners in South Dakota dispute (Post-Bulletin) 6/19/08

• • Ruling says state court can handle divorce of Native American man on reservation (Rapid City Journal) 6/12/08

• • States to enforce molester law on tribal land (Stateline.org) 5/15/08

• • Hog farm operator challenges tribal jurisdiction (Indianz.com) 5/7/08

• • Supreme Court must uphold tribal civil jurisdiction (Asheville Citizen-Times) 5/1/08

• • State allowed to prosecute man (Deseret News) 4/30/08

• • Civil jurisdiction at issue in key Supreme Court case (Indian Country Today) 4/21/08

• • Supreme Court to hear jurisdiction case (Indianz.com) 4/14/08

• • DOJ to join argument in tribal court jurisdiction case (Indianz.com) 4/3/08

• • Bush brief backs tribal court jurisdiction (Indianz.com) 3/24/08

• • Plain and simple: The Supreme Court could foreclose Tribal Court civil jurisdiction over non-Indians (Williams Kastner Indian Legal Alert) 3/18/08

• • Tribal police may get new power over non-tribal residents (The News Tribune) 3/17/08

• • Federal judge says tribal courts can supervise child adoptions (Anchorage Daily News) 3/11/08

• • Judging civil liability using "values, mores, and norms" (Town Hall) 3/1/08

• • Supreme Court will rule on Narragansett dispute with Rhode Island (The Boston Globe) 2/25/08

• • Proposal to extend tribal jurisdiction raises boundary issue (Lincoln Journal Star) 2/19/08

• • Supreme Court won't hear jurisdiction case (Indianz.com) 2/19/08

• • Pender, business owners file complaint in tribal court (Sioux City Journal) 1/9/08

• • Supreme Court agrees to hear tribal jurisdiction case (Indianz.com) 1/8/08

• • Osage Nation's lawsuit over state income tax exemptions may proceed (Indian Country Today) 1/7/08

• • Tribes escape smoking limits (The Durango Herald) 1/7/08

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