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Environmental Protection & Climate Change

NOFO: $150M to fund climate justice for Alaska Native villages (Tribal Business News) 11/28/2023

Klamath Tribes all hands on deck to save endangered C’waam and Koptu suckerfish (Oregon Public Broadcasting) 11/25/2023

Federal Recognition of Tribal Status

NCAI vote to exclude state recognized nations fails (ICT) 11/16/2023

Hunting and Fishing

Last of the reef netters: Decline of an Indigenous, sustainable salmon fishery (Mongabay) 11/21/2023

Indian Law Advancement

Native judges belong on the federal bench (Native News Online) 11/27/2023

Native Lands & Sacred Places

In America, national parks are more than scenic − they’re sacred. But they were created at a cost to Native Americans (The Conversation) 11/20/2023

Judge rules against Tribes in fight over Nevada lithium mine they say is near sacred site (Los Angeles Times) 11/18/2023

Religious and Cultural Rights

NAGPRA: An attempt to correct the past (In Custodia Legis Library of Congress Blog) 11/24/2023

Kansas school demands eight-year-old Native American student cut hair to attend (Native News Online) 11/22/2023

Colorado hospital finally admits to cutting Lakota elder’s hair without his permission (Native News Online) 11/18/2023

Tribal Child Welfare

A story told in data: Overrepresentation of Indigenous children in the SD foster care system (Argus Leader) 11/17/2023

Tribal Sovereignty and Jurisdiction

Lake County initiates withdrawal from law enforcement agreement (Daily Inter Lake Montana) 11/24/2023

For decades, tribes have helped San Diego County on emergency calls. Now, the two are butting heads over sovereign immunity. (San Diego Union-Tribune) 11/27/2023

Justices take up Native health care funding cases and a dispute over sentencing guide (SCOTUSblog) 11/20/2023

Tribe in Oklahoma sues city of Tulsa for continuing to ticket Native American drivers (Enid News & Eagle) 11/15/2023

Violence Against Native People

Inside the White Buffalo Calf Women’s Society, Indian Country's oldest domestic violence shelter (Native News Online) 11/21/2023

Voting and Civil Rights

North Dakota to appeal decision that protected Tribes’ rights (KVRR North Dakota) 11/21/2023

U.S. court of appeals ruling may put Native votes at risk (Native News Online) 11/21/2023

Sometimes overlooked by campaigns, Native voters could decide major elections in 2024 (NPR) 11/20/2023

Judge finds North Dakota violated Voting Rights Act, diluted Native American vote (Grand Forks Herald) 11/17/2023

Protecting Native American voting rights with Matthew Campbell of the Native American Rights Fund [video] (Comcast Newsmakers) 10/31/2023

Water Rights

Great Lakes Tribes teach 'water is life.’ But they’re forced to fight for its protection (USA Today) 11/29/2023

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