--- Am. Tribal Law ----, 2021 WL 2555486 (Cherokee Sup.Ct.)
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Supreme Court of the Cherokee Nation.
CASE No.: SC-2021-04
IT IS SO ORDERED, this 21st day of June, 2021.

Chief Justice Lee W. Paden
On June 14th, 2021, the Appellant Robin Carter Mayes filed his Election Appeal alleging the 2021 General Election of the Cherokee Nation should be invalidated based on the error of the Cherokee Nation Election Commission to “administrate this 2021 election in accordance with existing and published Constitution and Law”.

The Court having reviewed the submitted Appeal FINDS, ADJUDGES, AND DECREES:
1. Appellant Mayes has failed to provide the Court with violations in relation to the election process as defined in CNCA 26, Art. 5 ยง 101 D.
2. The Cherokee Nation Election Commission conducted the June 5, 2021 election in accordance with In re: Effect of Cherokee Nation v. Nash & Vann v. Zinke, CN-2017-07.
3. Appellant Mayes has filed a frivolous action.
4. Said action is dismissed.

Justice Shawna S. Baker

Justice Mark L. Dobbins

Justice John C. Garrett

Justice Rex Earl Starr


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Robin Carter Mayes, mayes1839@qmail.com

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Kendall Bird, Court Clerk

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--- Am. Tribal Law ----, 2021 WL 2555486