United States Code Annotated, Title 25. Indians, Chapter 21. Indian Child Welfare (Refs & Annos)

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1901. Congressional findings
1902. Congressional declaration of policy
1903. Definitions

Subchapter I - Child Custody Proceedings

1911. Indian tribe jurisdiction over Indian child custody proceedings
1912. Pending court proceedings
1913. Parental rights; voluntary termination
1914. Petition to court of competent jurisdiction to invalidate action upon showing of certain violations
1915. Placement of Indian children
1916. Return of custody
1917. Tribal affiliation information and other information for protection of rights from tribal relationship; application of subject of adoptive placement; disclosure by court
1918. Reassumption of jurisdiction over child custody proceedings
1919. Agreements between States and Indian tribes
1920. Improper removal of child from custody; declination of jurisdiction; forthwith return of child: danger exception
1921. Higher State or Federal standard applicable to protect rights of parent or Indian custodian of Indian child
1922. Emergency removal or placement of child; termination; apporpriate action
1923. Effective date

Subchapter II - Indian Child Family Programs

1931. Grants for on or near reservation programs and child welfare codes
1932. Grants for off-reservation programs for additional services
1933. Funds for on and off reservation programs
1934. "Indian" defined for certain purposes

Subchapter III - Recordkeeping, Information Availability, and Timetables

1951. Information availability and disclosure by Secretary
1952. Rules and regulations

Subchapter VI - Miscellaneous Provisions
1961. Locally convenient day schools
1962. Omitted
1963. Severability

Cross References

Applicability of act to Catawba Indian children, see 25 USCA § 941h.

Jurisdiction of Passamaquoddy Tribe or Penobscot Nation over Indian child custody proceedings pursuant to this chapter, see 25 USCA § 1727.

Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians jurisdiction in matters pursuant to this Act, see 25 USCA § 1300j-7.

Removal of barrier to interethnic adoption and enforcement, see 42 USCA § 1996b.

State plans for child welfare services and requirement to report on measures taken to comply with the Indian Welfare Act, see 42 USCA  622.

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25 U.S.C.A. Ch. 21, Refs & Annos, 25 USCA Ch. 21, Refs & Annos

Current through P.L. 109-40, approved 07-28-05