Materials from the 2011 Symposium on the
Settlement of Indian Reserved Water Rights Claims

Western States Water Council and
Native American Rights Fund

Conference Presentation Materials

  1. Crow Indian Reservation Map with Ceded Strip (Faye Bergen)
  2. Negotiating Indian Water Rights Settlements (Bob Brauchli)
  3. Settlement Legislation (Calimlim Touton)
  4. Implementing Indian Water Rights Settlements (Pamela Williams)
  5. SRBA Nez Perce Tribe Water Settlements (Rebecca Miles)
  6. The Administration's Settlement Policy (Letty Belin)
  7. Claims Resolution Act (Ryan Smith)
  8. Background Info & Role of Techs in Negotiations (Rich Schilf)
  9. Seminole Tribe Water Rights Experience (Stephen Walker)
  10. Sponsors Power Point
  11. Implementation Animas La Plata Navajo San Juan (Rick Ehat)
  12. Reclamation Federal Perspective and Role of Technicians (John Peterson)
  13. Crow Tribe Water Settlement Overview (Heather Whiteman Runs Him)
  14. Memo Re New Negotiating Teams 2010Feb3 (Pam Williams)
  15. Aamodt Settlement Implementation Federal Action for Delegation (Pam Williams)
  16. Aamodt Settlement Implementation Table Major Task List (Pam Williams)
  17. Delegation List (Pam Williams)
  18. Taos Settlement Implementation List of Tasks 2011 July 6 (Pam Williams)
  19. Rocky Boy Decision 2002 June 12 (Candace West)
  20. Ft. Peck Decision 2001 August 10 (Candace West)
  21. No. Cheyenne Decision 1995 August 3 (Candace West)
  22. Overview of Presentation (Stephen Walker)
  23. Abstract of Water Symposium Presentation (Gilbert Suazo)

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