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Civil Litigation

Capacity to Sue

MacDonald, et al., v. Yazzie, et al., No. A-CV-08-89 (Nav. Sup. Ct., Mar. 24, 1989) 16 ILR 6099

Capacity to Sue; Civil Actions Arising in Indian Country

Sage v. Lodge Grass School District, No. Civ. 82-287 (Crow Tr. Ct., Oct 25, 1982) 10 ILR 6019

Capacity to Sue; Local Laws and Ordinances

Rosebud Sioux Tribe v. Schmidt, No. CA88-04 (Rbd. Sx. Tr. Ct. App. Dec. 9, 1988) 16 ILR 6033

Capacity to Sue; Rules of Civil Procedure

Bradley v. Benally, et al., No. A-CV-24-89 (Nav. Sup. Ct., Oct. 2, 1989) 16 ILR 6135

Capacity to Sue; Standing

Committee for a Clean Government v. Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Council, et al. No. 84-006-A (Chy. R. Sx. Ct. App., Oct. 23, 1984) 11 ILR 6043

Tribal Law; Tribal Codes; Civil Laws

Cole v. Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise, No. MPCA-97-1022, 1 MPR 49 (Mashantucket Pequot Ct. App., Oct. 1, 1999) 26 ILR 6068

Triggs v. Zurich Insurance Company, et al., No. CV-97-0096 (Chitimacha Ct. App., June 9, 1999) 26 ILR 6115

Tulalip Tribes v. 2008 White Ford Econoline Van, et al., No. TUL-CV-AP-2012-0404 (Tulalip Tr. Ct. App., May 30, 2013) 40 ILR 6012

Civil Trespass

Moore v. Hoopa Valley Tribe, No. C-96-041 (N.W. Reg. Tr. Ct. App. for the Hoopa Valley Tr. Ct. App., July 2, 1998) 26 ILR 6013

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