Meriam Report: The Problem of Indian Administration (1928)

Copyrighted materials (the Introduction, Bibliography and Index) from The Problem of Indian Administration : With a New Introduction by Frank C. Miller, 1928/1971 are not digitized but are available from the library.

Letter of Transmittal



Ch. 1 - General summary of findings and recommendations

Ch. 2 - Recommendations for immediate action

Ch. 3 - Foreword to the detailed report

Ch. 4 - A general policy for Indian affairs

Ch. 5 - Organization of the federal Indian work

Ch. 6 - Personnel administration

Ch. 7 - Statistics and records


Part II. Detailed reports

Ch. 8. Health

Ch. 9. Education

Ch. 10. General economic conditions

Ch. 11. Family and community life and the activities of women

Ch. 12. The migrated Indians

Ch. 13. Legal aspects of the Indian problem

Ch. 14 - Missionary activities among the Indians

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