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Protections for Native Spiritual Practices In Prison (Native American Rights Fund (NARF), March 2014)
The rights of prisoners are restricted, but many still exist—particularly where religious practices are concerned.  This document will help you understand these rights and the laws that protect them. This document provides multiple tools: (1) a summary of the federal laws that protect your Native spiritual practice; (2) answers to key questions you may have about these laws; (3) applications of these laws to specific Native religious practices; and (4) information about the procedure to challenge prison regulations.

Study of Native American Prisoner Issues. By Walter Echo-Hawk. Prepared for the National Indian Policy Center (NARF, 1996)

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Sweat Lodges in American Prisons (2005). Originally by Jacob Stroub. Revised by Matt Hooley. (The Pluralism Project at Harvard University)

Incarceration of Native Americans and Private Prisons. By Frank Smith

Native Americans in Prison: The Struggle for Religious Freedom. By Stephanie Beran. (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2005)

Groups & Organizations

Huy – a tribally controlled non-profit organization with a mission to: “provide economic, educational, rehabilitative and religious support for American Indian, Alaska Native and other indigenous prisoners in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the United States. “ Their website provides news and information relating to its mission.

List of Law Libraries Serving Prisoners. (American Association of Law Libraries)

Additional related cases:

Native American Council of Tribes v. Weber
Briefs from Turtle Talk
750 F.3d 742
Nos. 13–1401.
United States Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit, April 25, 2014


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