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Huy blog. This blog provides news and information relating to Native prisoner's religious rights.

Study of Native American Prisoner Issues. By Walter Echo-Hawk. Prepared for the National Indian Policy Center (NARF, 1996)

Sweat Lodges in American Prisons (2005). Originally by Jacob Stroub. Revised by Matt Hooley . (The Pluralism Project at Harvard University)

Incarceration of Native Americans and Private Prisons. By Frank Smith

Native Americans in Prison: The Struggle for Religious Freedom. By Stephanie Beran. (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2005)

Native American Indian Spiritual Freedom in Prison: Randall Trapp, et al. v. Commissioner DuBois, et al.
Massachusetts Superior Court (Worcester, Civil No. 95-0779)
Appeals Court, No. 2000-P-1640


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