Tribal Recognition

Directories of Tribes (NILL) includes a link to the list of federally reconized tribal entities and state recognized tribes as well as directories of tribal governments and reservations.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Federal Acknowledgement Decision Compilation v 2.0 - (Bureau of Indian Affairs; converted and posted by From the article by about this database:

"The database is an online version of the Acknowledgment Decision Compilation (ADC), a record of documents that the Bureau of Indian Affairs has on file for dozens of groups that have made it through the federal recognition process."

A previous version (1.2) of the database and an article about that version are available at also.

Code of Federal Regulations - (U.S. Government Printing Office). Parts 81-83 in Title 25, Chapter 1. Using the April 2005 edition, scroll down to Part 81 - Tribal reorganization under a Federal statute; Part 82 - Petitioning procedures for tribes reorganized under Federal statute and other organized tribes; and Part 83 - Procedures for establishing that an American Indian group exists as an Indian tribe.

"Primer on Federal Recognition and Current Issues Affecting the Process." Prepared for NCAI Winter Session, February, 2001. Updated November 21, 2011. Jennifer P. Hughes, Esq; Morisset, Schlosser & Jozwiak.

Indian Issues: Improvements Needed in Tribal Recognition Process. GAO-02-49 (November 2, 2001). Government Accountability Office.

Indian Issues: Basis for BIA's Tribal Recognition Decisions Is Not Always Clear - (Senate Committee on Indian Affairs).

Alexa Koenig. "Federalism and the State Recognition of Native American Tribes: A Survey of State-Recognized Tribes and State Recognition Processes Across the United States" Santa Clara Law Review 48 (2007): 79. (more info and download)

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Federal recognition has many synonyms and related topics: acknowledgment, reorganization, status clarification, and restoration of status due to termination, for example. Use these words (and their various forms) in any field.

Federal acknowledgment documents may include petitions, hearings, anthropological reports, and more. Recognition may have been discussed or granted through a Bill or an Act.