August 23, 2002

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BOULDER, CO – Working Assets® announced the Native American Rights Fund as one of 50 progressive nonprofit organizations to receive 2002 donor funds from the long distance, credit card, Internet services, and broadcasting company. This year, the organization hopes to exceed over $4 million to be divided among the 50 nonprofit groups.

Created in 1985, Working Assets has raised $25 million for nonprofit groups working for peace, human rights equality, education, and the environment. The company empowers their customers to get involved in critical issues affecting our world through philanthropy and political activism.

The 50 recipients are in five categories - environment, civil rights, economic & social justice, education & freedom of expression, and peace & international freedom. Among the 2002 Groups are Amnesty International, South Africa Development Fund, Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, Bluewater Network, Alliance for Justice, Greenpeace, Welfare Law Center, and others.

Working Assets donations are generated primarily by their long distance customers that number over 300,000 in home service and another 3,000 in nonprofit and small business. Every year, a percentage of Working Assets revenue is placed in a donations pool for annual distribution.

The organization depends on their customers to nominate nonprofit groups each year. After an independent foundation evaluates the effectiveness of hundreds of nominees, Working Assets' employees and board of directors select the "final" nonprofit groups for the annual donations ballot.

Only Working Assets' customers are eligible to vote for the nonprofit groups. They can vote by paper ballot or they can vote online. Online voting is possible by visiting and clicking on "Vote online" under the "Donations Ballot" heading. Voting ends on December 31, 2002.

Director of Development, Mary Lu Prosser said, "It is an honor being selected among the hundreds of nominees for the Year 2002 donor funds. We are grateful to the Working Assets' employees, board of directors, and customers who supported our nomination. Working Assets' funds will help our organization defend and restore the legal rights of Native Americans and better serve those who are underrepresented."

NARF encourages all our friends, colleagues, and affiliates to sign up for the Working Assets' services to assure that the donation pool continues to grow to support our global community. To reach Working Assets, call 800-788-8588.

The Native American Rights Fund is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist Indian tribes, individuals and organizations with legal advice and representation on issues of national significance to Native Americans. NARF is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado with offices in Washington, D.C., and Anchorage, Alaska. To learn more about NARF and the issues confronting Native American people, visit our web site at