Katie John at Batzulnetas fish camp. Photo by Bill Hess

The celebrated Ahtna leader Katie John passed away today.  NARF Staff Attorney Heather Kendall-Miller has written a history of Katie John’s historical legal battles, Katie John – Her Life and Legacy.  To read the piece and view photos of Katie, her family, and her fish camp at Batzulnetas, click here.

“With Katie John’s passing, her determination to protect and preserve the Alaska Native subsistence way of life will live on through her family, her children, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  It has been an honor and privilege for all of us at NARF to have worked with such a great and wonderful matriarch.  She is an inspiration to all Native peoples and to all people who believe in right and justice.  Rest in peace, Katie, your legacy lives on.”


Photo copyright: Bill Hess. 

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