Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska - Tribal Code

Table of Contents Updated: December 2016

The tribe makes their law and order code available online. The link below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribe's website. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Executive Council Guidelines
Code of Ethics
Rules for the Election of Delegates
Standing Rules of Order


Executive Council
Tribal Assembly

Tribal Statutes

Title 1 - General Provisions
Chapter 01. Authority, Citations and References
Sec. 01.01.001 Authorization of Statutes Codification System
Sec. 01.01.002 Title of Code
Sec. 01.01.003 Citations and Reference to the Code
Sec. 01.01.004 Citations and Reference Apply to Changes
Sec. 01.01.005 Administrative Non-Substantive Changes
Chapter 02. General Provisions
Sec. 01.02.001 Definitions
Sec. 01.02.002 Construction
Sec. 01.02.003 Effective Time and Date Provisions
Sec. 01.02.004 Savings Clause Provisions; Effect of Repeals or Amendments; Severability; Non-Retroactivity
Chapter 03. Statute Format & Procedure Provisions
Sec. 01.03.001 Statute Policy
Sec. 01.03.002 Introduction and Enactment
Sec. 01.03.003 Format
Sec. 01.03.004 Management Systems

Title 2 - [reserved]

Title 3 - Development & Operation of Tribal Enterprises
Chapter 01 Development and Operation of Tribal Enterprises
Sec. 03.01.001 Definitions
Sec. 03.01.002 Authority for Title
Sec. 03.01.003 Authority to Establish a Tribal Corporation
Sec. 03.01.004 Establishment and Ownership
Sec. 03.01.005 Purpose
Sec. 03.01.006 Powers
Sec. 03.01.007 Board of Directors
Sec. 03.01.008 Fiscal Year
Sec. 03.01.009 Annual Meeting
Sec. 03.01.010 Personnel
Sec. 03.01.011 Contracts and Liabilities
Sec. 03.01.012 Sovereign Immunity
Sec. 03.01.013 Indemnification
Sec. 03.01.014 Insurance
Sec. 03.01.015 Principal Place of Business
Sec. 03.01.016 Employment Preference
Sec. 03.01.017 Revenues Payable to the Tribe
Sec. 03.01.018 Records and Reports
Sec. 03.01.019 Tax and License Fees
Sec. 03.01.020 Duration and Dissolution
Sec. 03.01.021 Codification and Definitions
Chapter 02 Limited Liability Companies
Sec. 03.02.001 Definitions
Sec. 03.02.002 Standards for Electronic Filing - Rules
Sec. 03.02.003 Name Set Forth In Certificate of Formation
Sec. 03.02.004 Reserved Name - Registered Name
Sec. 03.02.005 Registered Office - Registered Agent
Sec. 03.02.006 Service of Process on Domestic Limited Liability Companies
Sec. 03.02.007 Nature of Business Permitted - Powers
Sec. 03.02.008 Business Transactions of Member or Manager with the Limited Liability Company
Sec. 03.02.009 Limitation of Liability and Indemnification
Chapter 03 Formation: Certificate of Formation, Amendment, Filing and Execution
Sec. 03.02.001 Certificate of Formation
Sec. 03.02.002 Amendment to Certificate of Formation
Sec. 03.02.003 Execution
Sec. 03.02.004 Execution, Amendment, or Cancellation by Judicial Order
Sec. 03.02.005 Filing
Sec. 03.02.006 Restated Certificate
Sec. 03.02.007 Initial and Annual Reports
Chapter 04 Members
Sec. 03.02.001 Admission of Members
Sec. 03.02.002 Voting and Classes of Membership
Sec. 03.02.003 Liability of Members and Managers to Third Parties
Sec. 03.02.004 Events of Dissociation
Sec. 03.02.005 Records and Information
Sec. 03.02.006 Remedies for Breach of Limited Liability Company Agreement by Member
Chapter 05 Management and Managers
Sec. 03.02.001 Management
Sec. 03.02.002 Liability of Managers and Members
Sec. 03.02.003 Manager - Members' Rights and Duties
Sec. 03.02.004 Voting and Classes of Managers
Sec. 03.02.005 Remedies for Breach of Limited Liability Company Agreement by Manager
Sec. 03.02.006 Reliance on Reports and Information by Member or Manager
Sec. 03.02.007 Resignation of Manager
Sec. 03.02.008 Loss of Sole Remaining Manager
Chapter 06 Finance, Distributions and Resignation
Sec. 03.02.001 Form of Contribution
Sec. 03.02.002 Liability for Contribution
Sec. 03.02.003 Allocation of Profits and Losses
Sec. 03.02.004 Allocation of Distributions
Sec. 03.02.005 Interim Distributions
Sec. 03.02.006 Distribution on Event of Dissociation
Sec. 03.02.007 Distribution In-Kind
Sec. 03.02.008 Right to Distribution
Sec. 03.02.009 Limitations on Distribution
Chapter 07 Assignment of Limited Liability Company Interests and Derivative Actions
Sec. 03.02.001 Nature of Limited Liability Company Interest -Certificate of Interest
Sec. 03.02.002 Assignment of Limited Liability Company Interest
Sec. 03.02.003 Rights of Judgment Creditor
Sec. 03.02.004 Right of Assignee to Become Member
Sec. 03.02.005 Right to Bring Derivative Actions
Sec. 03.02.006 Proper Plaintiff
Sec. 03.02.007 Complaint
Sec. 03.02.008 Expenses
Chapter 08 Dissolution
Sec. 03.02.001 Dissolution
Sec. 03.02.002 After Dissolution Under Sec. 03.02.610
Sec. 03.02.003 Judicial Dissolution
Sec. 03.02.004 Administrative Dissolution -Commencement of Proceeding
Sec. 03.02.005 Administrative Dissolution -Notice -Opportunity to Correct Deficiencies
Sec. 03.02.006 Administrative Dissolution -Reinstatement -Application
Sec. 03.02.007 Dissolution Under Sec. 03.02.610 -Revocation -Approval Required -When Effective
Sec. 03.02.008 Winding Up
Sec. 03.02.009 Disposing of Known Claims -Definition
Sec. 03.02.010 Distribution of Assets
Sec. 03.02.011 Remedies Available After Dissolution
Chapter 09 Mergers
Sec. 03.02.001 Merger -Plan -Effective Date
Sec. 03.02.002 Merger -Plan -Approval
Sec. 03.02.003 Article of Merger -Filing
Sec. 03.02.004 Effect of Merger
Sec. 03.02.005 Merger - Foreign and Domestic
Chapter 10 Dissenters' Rights
Sec. 03.02.001 Definitions
Sec. 03.02.002 Member - Dissent - Payment of Fair Value
Sec. 03.02.003 Dissenters' rights - Notice - Timing
Sec. 03.02.004 Member - Dissent - Voting Restriction
Sec. 03.02.005 Members - Dissenters Notice - Requirements
Sec. 03.02.006 Member - Payment Demand - Entitlement
Sec. 03.02.007 Member's Interests - Transfer Restriction
Sec. 03.02.008 Payment of Fair Value - Requirements for Compliance Sec. 03.02.009 Merger - Not Effective within 60 days - Transfer Restrictions
Sec. 03.02.010 Dissenters Estimate of Fair Value - Notice
Sec. 03.02.011 Unsettled Demand for Payment - Proceeding - Parties - Appraisers
Sec. 03.02.012 Unsettled Demand for Payment - Costs - Fees and Expenses of Counsel
Chapter 11 Miscellaneous
Sec. 03.02.001 Construction and Application of Chapter and Limited Liability Company Agreement
Sec. 03.02.002 Establishment of Filing Fees and Miscellaneous Charges
Sec. 03.02.003 Authority to Adopt Rules
Sec. 03.02.004 Effective Date
Sec. 03.02.005 Short Title
Sec. 03.02.006 Severability
CHAPTER 12. Foreign Limited Liability Companies
Sec. 03.03.001 Law Governing
Sec. 03.03.002 Registration Required - Application
Sec. 03.03.003 Issuance of Registration
Sec. 03.03.004 Name - Registered Office - Registered Agent
Sec. 03.03.005 Amendments to Application
Sec. 03.03.006 Cancellation of Registration
Sec. 03.03.007 Doing Business without Registration
Sec. 03.03.008 Foreign Limited Liability Companies Doing Business without Having Qualified - Injunctions
Sec. 03.03.009 Transactions Not Constituting Transacting Business
Sec. 03.03.010 Service of Process on Registered Foreign Limited Liability Companies
Sec. 03.03.011 Service of Process on Unregistered Foreign Limited Liability Companies
Sec. 03.03.012 Revocation of Registration - Requirements for Commencement
Sec. 03.03.013 Revocation of Registration - Procedure - Notice - Correction of Grounds - Certificate of Revocation - Authority of Agent
Chapter 13. Professional Limited Liability Companies
Sec. 03.04.001 Professional Limited Liability Companies - Definition
Sec. 03.04.002 Member Agreements
Sec. 03.04.003 Membership Residency
Sec. 03.04.004 Piercing the Veil

Title 4 - Child and Family
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Sec. 04.01.001 Central Council Tlingit & Haida Child and Family Court Established
Sec. 04.01.002 Purpose
Sec. 04.01.003 Construction
Sec. 04.01.004 Definitions
Sec. 04.01.005 Jurisdiction
Sec. 04.01.006 Sovereign Immunity
Sec. 04.01.007 Confidentiality of Records and Proceedings
Sec. 04.01.008 Rights of Parties
Sec. 04.01.009 Procedure for Hearings
Sec. 04.01.010 Recognition of Foreign Judgments
Chapter 2. Child In Need of Care
Sec. 04.02.001 Procedures and Guidelines
Sec. 04.02.002 Child in Need of Care
Sec. 04.02.003 Reporting Abuse and Neglect
Sec. 04.02.004 Immunity
Sec. 04.02.005 Failure to Report and False Reporting
Sec. 04.02.006 Contents of the Report
Sec. 04.02.007 Open Communication Policy
Sec. 04.02.008 Role of the Tribal Family and Youth Services Program
Sec. 04.02.009 Role of the Family Caseworker
Sec. 04.02.010 Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
Chapter 3. Emergency Placement of a Child
Sec. 04.03.001 Emergency Custody Orders
Sec. 04.03.002 Request for First Hearing
Sec. 04.03.003 First Hearing - Time, Notice
Sec. 04.03.004 First Hearing - Order
Sec. 04.03.005 Placement Preferences for Out of Home Placement
Sec. 04.03.006 Scheduling a Fact Finding Hearing at First Hearing
Chapter 4. Fact Finding Hearings
Sec. 04.04.001 Purpose
Sec. 04.04.002 Contents and Filing of the Petition
Sec. 04.04.003 Time and Notice of Hearing
Sec. 04.04.004 Evidence and Burden of Proof
Sec. 04.04.005 Agreed Order
Sec. 04.04.006 Family Protection Plan
Sec. 04.04.007 Disposition
Sec. 04.04.008 Costs of Support
Sec. 04.04.009 Review Hearings
Chapter 5. Long-Term Guardianship
Sec. 04.05.001 Purpose
Sec. 04.05.002 Petition for Guardianship - Who May File
Sec. 04.05.003 Petition - Contents
Sec. 04.05.004 Setting the Hearing
Sec. 04.05.005 Child Welfare Report
Sec. 04.05.006 Additional Reports
Sec. 04.05.007 Guardianship Hearing
Sec. 04.05.008 Grounds for Appointing a Guardian
Sec. 04.05.009 Placement Preference
Sec. 04.05.010 Powers of Guardian
Sec. 04.05.011 Appointment of Guardian for a Child's Property
Sec. 04.05.012 Existing Trusts
Sec. 04.05.013 Removal of Guardian for a Child's Property
Sec. 04.05.014 Change of Address
Sec. 04.05.015 Termination of Guardianship
Chapter 6. Termination of Parental Rights
Sec. 04.06.001 Purpose
Sec. 04.06.002 Petition for Termination of Parental Rights - Who May File
Sec. 04.06.003 Petition - Contents
Sec. 04.06.004 Setting the Hearing
Sec. 04.06.005 Child Welfare Report
Sec. 04.06.006 Additional Reports
Sec. 04.06.007 Termination Hearing
Sec. 04.06.008 Grounds for Termination and Burden of Proof
Sec. 04.06.009 Consent
Sec. 04.06.010 Disposition
Chapter 7. Adoption
Sec. 04.07.001 Petition for Adoption - Who May File
Sec. 04.07.002 Petition - Contents
Sec. 04.07.003 Availability for Adoption
Sec. 04.07.004 Setting the Hearing
Sec. 04.07.005 Child Welfare Report
Sec. 04.07.006 Additional Reports
Sec. 04.07.007 Adoption Hearing
Sec. 04.07.008 Grounds for Entering Decree of Adoption
Sec. 04.07.009 Placement Preferences
Sec. 04.07.010 Denial of Adoption Petition
Sec. 04.07.011 Decree of Adoption
Sec. 04.07.012 Effect of Decree of Adoption
Sec. 04.07.013 Adoption Records
Chapter 8. Emancipation
Sec. 04.08.001 Purpose
Sec. 04.08.002 Who May Petititon
Sec. 04.08.003 Contents
Sec. 04.08.004 Consent or Written Recommendation
Sec. 04.08.005 Standard to be Applied
Sec. 04.08.006 Rights of Emancipated Child
Chapter 9. Alcohol & Substance Abuse
Sec. 04.09.001 Findings and Purpose
Sec. 04.09.002 Definitions
Sec. 04.09.003 Determinations of Alcohol or Substance Abuse
Sec. 04.09.004 Determinations of Alcohol or Substance Abuse
Sec. 04.09.005 Reasonable Accommodation to Handicapping Conditions
Sec. 04.09.006 Breach or Failure of Conditions of Recovery Programs
Chapter 10. Tribal Administrative Review Commission
Sec. 04.10.001 Purpose and Policy
Sec. 04.10.002 Jurisdiction of TARC
Sec. 04.10.003 TARC Membership
Sec. 04.10.004 Mandatory Training and Orientation of TARC Members
Sec. 04.10.005 Cases Mandated for TARC Review
Sec. 04.10.006 Criteria for Request for Review
Sec. 04.10.007 TARC Procedure
Sec. 04.10.008 Who Can Attend an Administrative Review
Sec. 04.10.009 Relationships and Conflicts of Interest
Sec. 04.10.010 Staffing Protocol
Chapter 11. Wisdom Keepers Council & Elder Abuse Prevention
Sec. 04.11.001 Purpose and Policy
Sec. 04.11.002 Definitions
Sec. 04.11.003 Wisdom Keeper Council Membership
Sec. 04.11.004 Mandatory Training and Orientation of Council Members
Sec. 04.11.005 Criteria for Referral to the Council and Family Conference Procedures
Sec. 04.11.006 Relationships and Conflicts of Interest
Sec. 04.11.007 Staffing Protocol
Chapter 12. Family Safety
Sec. 04.12.001 Findings and Purpose
Sec. 04.12.002 Rules of Construction
Sec. 04.12.003 Definitions
Sec. 04.12.004 Full Faith and Credit
Sec. 04.12.005 Authority of the Tribal Court
Sec. 04.12.006 General Provisions for Civil Protective Orders and Process
Sec. 04.12.007 Procedures for Ex Parte Protective Orders
Sec. 04.12.008 Procedures for Long Term Protective Orders
Sec. 04.12.009 Terms of Protective Order
Sec. 04.12.010 Modifications or Dissolution of Protective Orders
Sec. 04.12.011 Violation of Civil Protective Orders
Sec. 04.12.012 Petitions for Custody Orders
Sec. 04.12.013 Appeal of Long Term and Custody Orders Under This Section
Chapter 13. Child Custody Decisions Among Parents and/or Caretakers
Sec. 04.13.001 Findings and Purpose
Sec. 04.12.002 The Rights of Tribal Children & Responsibilities of Family Members
Sec. 04.12.003 Exemption from Certain General Provisions in Title 04
Sec. 04.12.004 Child Custody Petition
Sec. 04.12.005 Initial Hearing
Sec. 04.12.006 Conduct of Family Conference
Sec. 04.12.007 Contested Custody Hearing
Sec. 04.12.008 Custody Order
Sec. 04.12.009 General Provisions for Custody Orders
Sec. 04.12.010 Change of Custody Order

Title 5 - Marriage, Divorce, and Custody
Subsection 01 - Marriage
05.01.001 Purpose
05.01.002 Jurisdiction
05.01.003 Definitions
05.01.004 Persons Who May Marry
05.01.005 05.01.005 Marriages Not Permitted
05.01.006 Who May Perform Marriages
05.01.007 Marriage Process
05.01.008 Voidable Marriages
05.01.009 Recognition of Marriages from Other Jurisdictions
Subsection 02 - Divorce, Dissolution and Separation
Subsection 03 - Custody

Title 6 - Tribal Courts
Chapter 01. Judiciary, Trial Court and Tribal Court Bar
Sec. 06.01.001 Purpose
Sec. 06.01.010 Definitions
Sec. 06.01.020 Jurisdiction
Sec. 06.01.030 Acts Subjection Person to Jurisdiction
Sec. 06.01.040 Tribal Judicial System
Sec. 06.01.050 Administrative Tribal Clerk of the Court
Sec. 06.01.060 Tribal Child Support Clerk
Sec. 06.01.070 Judiciary Committee
Sec. 06.01.080 Judiciary Committee – Authority, Duties
Sec. 06.01.100 Improper Interference Prohibited
Sec. 06.01.110 Improper Interference Null and Void
Sec. 06.01.120 CCTHITA Tribal Court and Judges
Sec. 06.01.130 Duties and Powers of Judges and Clerk
Sec. 06.01.140 Management of Tribal Court
Sec. 06.01.150 Management of Child Support IV-D Court Cases
Sec. 06.01.160 Location, Hours of Court Operation
Sec. 06.01.170 Tribal Court Clerk and Child Support Clerk
Sec. 06.01.180 Tribal Court Bar Membership
Sec. 06.01.190 Requirements for Admission to Tribal Court Bar
Sec. 06.01.195 Tribal Court Bar Roster and Renewal of Membership
Sec. 06.01.200 Rules of Discipline for Members of the Court Bar
Sec. 06.01.210 Sanctions Against Tribal Bar Members
Chapter 02. Court of Elders
Sec. 06.02.010 Findings and Policy
Sec. 06.02.030 Scope of Authority of the Court of Elders
Sec. 06.02.050 Composition of the Court of Elders
Sec. 06.02.060 Records
Chapter 20. General Provisions
Sec. 06.20.001 Short Title
Sec. 06.20.002 Applicability
Sec. 06.20.003 Purpose and Construction
Sec. 06.20.004 Relief Allowed
Sec. 06.20.005 Statute of Limitations
Sec. 06.20.006 Survival of Actions
Sec. 06.20.007 Sovereignty
Chapter 21. Commencement of Actions and Pre-Trial Motions
Sec. 06.21.001 Commencement of Civil Actions
Sec. 06.21.002 Summons
Sec. 06.21.003 Service of Process
Sec. 06.21.004 Long Arm Service
Sec. 06.21.005 Answer
Sec. 06.21.006 Amendment of Pleadings
Sec. 06.21.007 Service and Signing of Pleadings and Papers
Sec. 06.21.008 Motions
Sec. 06.21.009 Motion for Continuance
Sec. 06.21.010 Order on Motion for Continuance
Sec 06.21.011 Preliminary Relief
Sec 06.21.012 Discovery
Sec. 06.21.013 Pre-Trial Conference
Sec. 06.21.014 Orders to Show Cause
Chapter 22. Trials
Sec. 06.22.001 Trials
Sec. 06.22.002 Burden of Proof
Sec. 06.22.003 Evidence
Sec. 06.22.004 Subpoenas
Chapter 23. Judgments
Sec. 06.23.001 Judgments
Sec. 06.23.002 Default Judgments
Sec. 06.23.003 Reconsideration
Sec. 06.23.004 Enforcement of Judgments
Sec. 06.23.005 Types of Execution
Sec. 06.23.006 Exemptions
Sec. 06.23.007 Sale Procedure
Sec. 06.23.008 Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
Chapter 24. Miscellaneous
Sec. 06.24.001 Rules Not Allowed
Sec. 06.24.002 Savings Clause

Title 7 - Labor
Chapter 1. Tribal Employment Right's Office
Sec. 07.01.001 Create a Tribal Employment Right's Office

Title 8 - Establishment of Tribal Schools
Sec. 08.01.001 Purpose, Mission, & Vision
Sec. 08.01.002 Definitions
Sec. 08.01.003 Authority for Title
Sec. 08.01.004 Authority to Establish a Tribal School
Sec. 08.01.005 Sovereign Immunity
Sec. 08.01.006 Establishment and Ownership
Sec. 08.01.007 Powers
Sec. 08.01.008 Academic Policy Committee
Sec. 08.01.009 Tribal Schools Principal/Administrator
Sec. 08.01.010 Fiscal Year
Sec. 08.01.011 Academic Schedule
Sec. 08.01.012 Meeting Schedules
Sec. 08.01.013 Personnel
Sec. 08.01.014 Admission Policies & Procedures
Sec. 08.01.015 Employment

Title 9 - [reserved]

Title 10 - Family Responsibility

Chapter 01. General Provisions
Sec. 10.01.001 Short Title
Sec. 10.01.002 Statement of Policy
Sec. 10.01.003 Definitions
Sec. 10.01.004 Jurisdiction for Child Support Determination
Sec. 10.01.005 Sovereign Immunity of the CCTHITA
Chapter 02. Paternity
Sec. 10.02.001 Short Title
Sec. 10.02.002 Statement of Policy
Sec. 10.02.003 Definitions
Sec. 10.02.004 Jurisdiction for Paternity Determination
Sec. 10.02.005 Paternity Determinations
Sec. 10.02.006 Who May Initiate an Action
Sec. 10.02.007 Civil Provisions of Application
Sec. 10.02.008 Voluntary Acknowledgment
Sec. 10.02.009 Paternity Established by Tradition
Sec. 10.02.010 Paternity Rights and Responsibilities
Sec. 10.02.011 Paternity Costs and Fees
Chapter 03. Child Support Procedures
Sec. 10.03.001 Court Initiated Child Support Determination
Sec. 10.03.002 Child Support Determination Initiated by Custodial Parent or Other Interested Party
Sec. 10.03.003 Stipulated Agreement
Sec. 10.03.004 Hearing Procedures
Sec. 10.03.005 Content and Effect of Order
Sec. 10.03.006 Enforcement of Order
Sec. 10.03.007 Modification of Order
Sec. 10.03.008 Statute of Limitations
Sec. 10.03.009 Wage Assignment and Garnishment; Employers Must Honor; Retaliation Prohibited
Chapter 04. CCTHITA Child Support Guidelines
Sec. 10.04.001 Purposes of the Child Support Guidelines
Sec. 10.04.002 Use of the Child Support Guidelines
Sec. 10.04.003 General Standards for the Application and Use of the Child Support Schedule; Determination of Child Support Amount
Sec. 10.04.004 Guidelines for Deviation from Support Obligation
Sec. 10.04.005 In-Kind Services and Resources
Sec. 10.04.006 Child Support Schedule and Calculation
Sec. 10.04.007 Due Process and Process of Service
Chapter 05. Recognition of Foreign Judgments
Sec. 10.05.001 Full Faith and Credit for Foreign Child Support Orders
Sec. 10.05.002 Procedure for Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

Title 11 - Land and Natural Resources
Chapter 1. Authority and General Provisions of Administration and Structure
Sec. 11.01.001 Findings and Policy
Sec. 11.01.002 Authority, Purpose and Title Statutes
Sec. 11.01.003 Subject Matter and Territorial Jurisdiction
Sec. 11.01.004 Goals and Objectives
Sec. 11.01.005 The Land Use Committee
Sec. 11.01.006 Terms and Qualifications of Committee Members
Sec. 11.01.007 Vacancies, Resignations, or Removals of Committee Members
Sec. 11.01.008 Annual Meeting
Sec. 11.01.009 Other Meetings
Sec. 11.01.010 Quorum
Sec. 11.01.011 Notice of Meetings
Sec. 11.01.012 Conduct of Meetings
Sec. 11.01.013 Record of Meetings
Sec. 11.01.014 Signatures
Sec. 11.01.015 Voting
Sec. 11.01.016 Member Responsibilities
Sec. 11.01.017 Adoption of Land Use Policies
Sec. 11.01.018 Codification and Definitions
Chapter 2. Land Uses
Sec. 11.02.001 Trespass
Sec. 11.01.002 Land Use Zones
Chapter 3. Authority, Citations and References
Sec. 11.03.001 Trust Definitions
Sec. 11.03.002 Tribal Trusts; Fiduciary Responsibility
Sec. 11.01.003 Trustee Officers, Duties and Registrations
Sec. 11.01.004 Trust Use Areas
Sec. 11.01.005 Use Area Registry
Sec. 11.01.006 Use Area Location Maps
Sec. 11.01.007 Lawful Uses of Designated Trust Use Areas
Sec. 11.01.008 Creation of Trusts
Sec. 11.01.009 Conveyances of Property
Sec. 11.01.010 Inalienability
Sec. 11.01.011 Descent and Distribution
Sec. 11.01.012 Wrongful Takings or Conversions of Artifacts, Burial Plots, Archeological, Cultural, Historical and Communal Properties
Sec. 11.01.013 Historical Properties as a Pubic and Explicit Trust
Sec. 11.01.014 Determination of Status of Items as Communal Artifact

Title 12 - [reserved]

Title 13 - [reserved]

Title 14 - [reserved]

Title 15 - Enrollment
Chapter 1. Enrollment
Sec. 15.01.001 Purposes
Sec. 11.01.002 Definitions
Sec. 11.01.003 Application for Enrollment Procedures
Sec. 11.01.004 Eligibility
Sec. 11.01.005 Enrollment Committee
Sec. 11.01.006 Relinquishment
Sec. 11.01.007 Disenrollment and Challenges to Enrollment
Sec. 11.01.008 Enrollment of Children
Sec. 11.01.009 Administration

Title 16 - [reserved]

Title 17 - [reserved]

Title 18 - [reserved]

Title 19 - [reserved]

Title 20 - [reserved]

Title 21 - Audit
Chapter 1. Audit Committee Charter
Sec. 21.01.001 Purpose
Sec. 21.01.002 Authority
Sec. 21.01.003 Membership
Sec. 21.01.004 Meetings
Sec. 21.01.005 Responsibilities and Duties
Chapter 2. Audit Committee Activity Charter
Sec. 21.02.001 Mission and Scope of Work
Sec. 21.02.002 Accountability
Sec. 21.02.003 Independence
Sec. 21.02.004 Responsibility
Sec. 21.02.005 Authority
Chapter 3. Internal Audit Activity Charter
Sec. 21.03.001 Mission and Scope of Work
Sec. 21.02.002 Accountability
Sec. 21.02.003 Independence
Sec. 21.02.004 Responsibility
Sec. 21.02.005 Authority

Title 22 - Finance
Chapter 1. Finance Committee Charter
Sec. 22.01.001 Purpose
Sec. 22.01.002 Authority
Sec. 22.01.003 Membership
Sec. 22.01.004 Meetings
Sec. 22.01.005 Responsibilities and Duties

Title 23 - Investment
Chapter 1. Administrative Investment Committee Charter
Sec. 23.01.001 Purpose
Sec. 23.01.002 Authority
Sec. 23.01.003 Stewardship
Sec. 23.01.004 Meetings
Sec. 23.01.005 Responsibilities and Duties

Titles 24-25 - [reserved]

Building Code (2009) [Not available online]
International Building Code as modified by CBJ is adopted by CCTHITA for public convenience.
19.03.010 International Building Code (IBC) adopted.
10.03.100 Administration.
19.03.202 Definitions
19.03.305.2 Day care.
19.03.308.2 Group I-1.
19.03.308.3 Group I-2.
19.03.308.3.1 Child care facility.
19.03.308.5 Group I-4; day care facilities.
19.03.310.1 Residential Group R.
19.03.310.1 Residential Group: R-3.
19.03.310.1 Residential Group R; R-4.
19.03.406.1.4 Motor-vehicle-related occupancies; private garages and carports; separation.
19.03.421 Special security requirements for Group E buildings.
19.03.422 Carbon monoxide detectors and alarms.
19.03.423 Occupants needing physical assistance.
19.03.424.1 Unfinished space.
19.03.501.3 General building heights and areas; location on property.
19.03.502.1 Definitions.
19.03.504.4 Height; daycare facilities.
19.03.Table 508.2 Incidental use areas.
19.03.717.4.2 Concealed spaces; draftstopping in attics, Groups R-1 and R-2.
19.03.903.2.2 Automatic sprinkler systems; all occupancies except Groups R-3 and U; stories and basements without openings.
19.03.903.2.10.3 Automatic sprinkler systems; buildings over three stories or more than 35 feet in height.
19.03.903.2.10.4 Automatic sprinkler systems; additions.
Table 19.03.903.2.10.4 Maximum Areas.
19.03.903.2.10.5 Automatic Sprinkler Systems; additions
19.03.903. Automatic sprinkler systems; elevator hoistways and machine rooms.
19.03.904.6 Alternative automatic fire-extinguishing systems; dry-channel systems.
19.03.907.1.1 Fire alarm and detection systems; construction documents.
19.03.907.2.3 Fire alarm and detection systems; Group E.
19.03.907.2.6.1 Fire alarm and detection systems; Group I-1.
19.03.907.2.10 Fire alarm and detection systems; single- and multiple-station smoke alarms.
19.03.907. Fire alarm and detection systems; single- and multiple-station smoke alarms; where required; Group R-1.
19.03.907. Fire alarm and detection systems; single- and multiple-station smoke alarms; where required; Groups R-2, R-3, R-4 and I-1.
19.03.907. Fire alarm and detection systems; single- and multiple-station smoke alarms; where required; Group I-1.
19.03.907.17 Fire alarm and detection systems; record of completion.
19.03.910.1 Smoke and heat vents; general.
19.03.1002 Definition of "private stairway."
19.03.1007.6 Areas of refuge.
19.03.1008.1.4 Floor elevation.
19.03.1009 Stairways; scope.
19.03.1009.1 Stairways width.
19.03.1009.3 Stairways; stair treads and risers.
19.03.1009.4 Stairway landings.
19.03.1009.5.1 Stairway construction; stairway walking surface.
19.03.1009.7.2 Ramp construction; outdoor conditions.
19.03.1013.3 Guards; opening limitations.
19.03.1014.5 Exit access; egress balconies.
19.03.1019.1 Minimum number of exits.
19.03.1026.1 Emergency escape and rescue; general.
19.03.1026.6 Replacement emergency escape and rescue windows.
19.03.1103.1 Accessibility; general; scope.
19.03.1103.2.16 Accessibility; scoping requirements; general exceptions.
19.03.1103.2.17 Temporary structures.
19.03.1104.1 Accessible route; site arrival points.
19.03.1105.2 Accessible Entrances; door opening force.
19.03.1106.6 Accessibility; parking and passenger loading facilities; location.
19.03.1203.1 Interior environment; ventilation; general.
19.03.1203.2.1 Openings into attic.
19.03.1203.4.2 Ventilation; contaminants exhausted.
19.03.1204.1 Temperature control; equipment and systems.
19.03.1207.1 Sound transmission; scope.
19.03.1301 Energy efficiency; general; scope.
19.03.1403.2.1 Performance requirements; vapor retarders.
19.03.1504.9 Roof assemblies and rooftop structures; performance requirements; sliding snow and ice.
19.03.1507.8.1.1 Requirements for roof coverings; wood shingles; solid sheathing required.
19.03.1507.9.1.1 Requirements for roof coverings; wood shakes; solid sheathing required.
19.03.1607.8.3 Live loads; Geophysical hazard and snow impact loads.
19.03.1607.11.2.1 Flat, pitched and curved roofs.
19.03.1608.1.1 Snow loads; flat roof snow loads.
19.03.1608.2 Snow loads; ground snow loads.
19.03.1609.3 Basic Wind Speed (3-Second Gust).
19.03.1610.1 Soil lateral load.
19.03.1612.2 Flood loads; definitions.
19.03.1612.3 Flood loads; establishment of flood hazard areas.
19.03.1612.5 Flood hazard documentation.
19.03.1704.3 Steel construction.
19.03.1802.2.1 Foundation and soils investigations; questionable soil.
19.03.1805.2.1 Depth of footings; frost protection.
19.03.1805.4.6 Wood foundations.
19.03.1807.1 Dampproofing and waterproofing; where required.
19.02.2308.2 Conventional light-frame construction.
19.03.2308.8.8 Conventional light-frame construction; floor joists; rim joists.
19.03.2308.8.9 Conventional light-frame construction; floor joists; vapor retarder.
19.02.2308.10.1 Roof and ceiling framing; wind uplift.
19.03.2703 Electrical; meters.
19.03.2901.1 Plumbing systems; general; scope.
19.03.2902.1 Plumbing systems; minimum number of fixtures.
19.03.Table. 2902.1 Plumbing systems; minimum number of required plumbing fixtures.
19.03.2902.4.1 Plumbing systems; location of toilet facilities in occupancies other than covered malls.
19.03.2902.6 Plumbing systems; unoccupied storage occupancies.
19.03.3106.5 Special construction; marquees; construction.
19.03.3201.1 Encroachment into the public right-of-way; scope.
19.03.3401.3 Existing structures; general; fire hazard in existing non-high rise structures.
19.03.3407.2 Historic Buildings; flood hazard areas.
19.03.3408.1 Moved structures.
19.03.3409.1 Accessibility for existing buildings; scope.
19.03.3410.2 Compliance alternatives; applicability.
19.03.Chapter 35 Referenced standards. (SFM)
19.03.Appendix A Employee qualifications.
19.03.Appendix B Board of appeals.
19.03.Appendix C Group U Agricultural buildings.
19.03.Appendix D Fire districts.
19.03.Appendix E Supplementary site accessibility requirements.
19.03.Appendix F Rodent proofing.
19.03.Appendix G Flood resistant construction.
19.03.Appendix H Signs.
19.03.Appendix I Patio covers.
19.03.Appendix J Grading.
19.03.Appendix K ICC Electrical Code.

Limited Liability Company Code (2014) [Not available online]
Sec. 03.02.010 Definitions
Sec. 03.02.020 Standards for electronic filing   Rules
Sec. 03.02.030 Name set forth in certificate of formation
Sec. 03.02.040 Reserved name   Registered name
Sec. 03.02.050 Registered office   Registered agent
Sec. 03.02.060 Service of process on domestic limited liability companies
Sec. 03.02.070 Nature of business permitted   Powers
Sec. 03.02.080 Business transactions of member or manager with the limited liability company
Sec. 03.02.090 Limitation of liability and indemnification
Sec. 03.02.110 Certificate of formation
Sec. 03.02.120 Amendment to certificate of formation
Sec. 03.02.130 Execution
Sec. 03.02.140 Execution, amendment, or cancellation by judicial order
Sec. 03.02.150 Filing
Sec. 03.02.160 Restated certificate
Sec. 03.02.170 Initial and annual reports
Sec. 03.02.200 MEMBERS
Sec. 03.02.210 Admission of members
Sec. 03.02.220 Voting and classes of membership
Sec. 03.02.230 Liability of members and managers to third parties
Sec. 03.02.240 Events of dissociation
Sec. 03.02.250 Records and information
Sec. 03.02.260 Remedies for breach of limited liability company agreement by member
Sec. 03.02.310 Management
Sec. 03.02.320 Liability of managers and members
Sec. 03.02.330 Manager   Members' rights and duties
Sec. 03.02.340 Voting and classes of managers
Sec. 03.02.350 Remedies for breach of limited liability company agreement by manager
Sec. 03.02.360 Reliance on reports and information by member or manager
Sec. 03.02.370 Resignation of manager
Sec. 03.02.380 Loss of sole remaining manager
Sec. 03.02.410 Form of contribution
Sec. 03.02.420 Liability for contribution
Sec. 03.02.430 Allocation of profits and losses
Sec. 03.02.440 Allocation of distributions
Sec. 03.02.450 Interim distributions
Sec. 03.02.460 Distribution on event of dissociation
Sec. 03.02.470 Distribution in-kind
Sec. 03.02.480 Right to distribution
Sec. 03.02.490 Limitations on distribution
Sec. 03.02.510 Nature of limited liability company interest   Certificate of interest
Sec. 03.02.520 Assignment of limited liability company interest
Sec. 03.02.530 Rights of judgment creditor
Sec. 03.02.540 Right of assignee to become member
Sec. 03.02.550 Right to bring derivative actions
Sec. 03.02.560 Proper plaintiff
Sec. 03.02.570 Complaint
Sec. 03.02.580 Expenses
Sec. 03.02.600 DISSOLUTION
Sec. 03.02.610 Dissolution
Sec. 03.02.615 After dissolution under section 03.02.610
Sec. 03.02.620 Judicial dissolution
Sec. 03.02.630 Administrative dissolution   Commencement of proceeding
Sec. 03.02.640 Administrative dissolution   Notice   Opportunity to correct deficiencies
Sec. 03.02.650 Administrative dissolution   Reinstatement   Application   When effective
Sec. 03.02.655 Dissolution under SECTION 03.02.610   Revocation   Approval required   When effective
Sec. 03.02.660 Winding up
Sec. 03.02.670 Disposing of known claims   Definition
Sec. 03.02.680 Distribution of assets
Sec. 03.02.690 Remedies available after dissolution
Sec. 03.02.700 MERGERS
Sec. 03.02.710 Merger   Plan   Effective date
Sec. 03.02.720 Merger   Plan   Approval
Sec. 03.02.730 Article of merger   Filing
Sec. 03.02.740 Effect of merger
Sec. 03.02.810 Definitions
Sec. 03.02.820 Member   Dissent   Payment of fair value
Sec. 03.02.830 Dissenters' rights   Notice   Timing
Sec. 03.02.840 Member   Dissent   Voting restriction
Sec. 03.02.845 Members   Dissenters' notice   Requirements
Sec. 03.02.850 Member   Payment demand   Entitlement
Sec. 03.02.855 Member's interests   Transfer restriction
Sec. 03.02.860 Payment of fair value   Requirements for compliance
Sec. 03.02.865 Merger   Not effective within sixty days   Transfer restrictions
Sec. 03.02.870 Dissenter's estimate of fair value   Notice
Sec. 03.02.880 Unsettled demand for payment   Proceeding   Parties   Appraisers
Sec. 03.02.890 Unsettled demand for payment   Costs   Fees and expenses of counsel
Sec. 03.02.900 MISCELLANEOUS
Sec. 03.02.910 Construction and application of chapter and limited liability company agreement
Sec. 03.02.920 Establishment of filing fees and miscellaneous charges
Sec. 03.02.930 Authority to adopt rules
Sec. 03.02.940 Effective date   January 31, 2014
Sec. 03.02.950 Short title
Sec. 03.02.960 Severability
Sec. 03.03.010 Law governing
Sec. 03.03.020 Registration required   Application
Sec. 03.03.030 Issuance of registration
Sec. 03.03.040 Name   Registered office   Registered agent
Sec. 03.03.050 Amendments to application
Sec. 03.03.060 Cancellation of registration
Sec. 03.03.070 Doing business without registration
Sec. 03.03.080 Foreign limited liability companies doing business without having qualified  Injunctions
Sec. 03.03.090 Transactions not constituting transacting business
Sec. 03.03.100 Service of process on registered foreign limited liability companies
Sec. 03.03.110 Service of process on unregistered foreign limited liability companies
Sec. 03.03.120 Revocation of registration   Requirements for commencement
Sec. 03.03.130 Revocation of registration   Procedure   Notice   Correction of grounds   Certificate of revocation   Authority of agent
Sec. 03.04.100 Professional Limited Liability Companies   Definition
Sec. 03.04.110 Member agreements
Sec. 03.04.120 Membership residency
Sec. 03.04.130 Piercing the veil

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