Native Village of White Mountain - Tribal Code

Dated: December 1986-8, 2006

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Table of Contents

Title I Children's Code (revised October 3, 1988).

Article 1. General Provisions
Article 2. Implementation of the Indian Child Welfare Act
Article 3. Child Custody Proceedings
Article 4. Confidentiality
Article 5. Court of Elders
Article 6. Severability

Ordinance No. 86-04-15-01 : A Tribal Ordinance of the White Mountain Council Establishing Standards and Procedures for Licensing Foster Homes

Ordinance No. 87-03: Ordinance Establishing a Court of Elders

Ordinance No. 87-01 : Ordinance Establishing a Tribal Court (Revised October 3, 1988)

Climate change resolution 2006-12. Available online as part of NILL's collection of tribal climate change resolutions.