Paiute-Shoshone Tribe of the Fallon
Reservation and Colony, Nevada - Tribal Code

Table of Contents
Updated: September 2014

The tribe makes their law and order code available online. The link below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribe's website. Please contact the library if you need assistance.

Full text of the Law and Order Code

Table of Contents

1-10 Authorization And Definitions
1-10-010 Establishment of the Tribal Court
1-10-020 Definitions
1-10-030 Tribal Immunity
1-10-040 Immunity of Officials and Employees

1-20 Jurisdiction Of The Tribal Court
1-20-010 Territorial Jurisdiction of the Tribal Court
1-20-020 Civil Jurisdiction
1-20-030 Criminal Jurisdiction
1-20-040 Probate Jurisdiction
1-20-050 Juvenile Jurisdiction
1-20-060 Civil Limitations of Actions
1-20-070 Criminal Limitations of Action

1-21 Jurisdictions Civil Sanctions Over Non-Indians
1-21-010 Definition
1-21-020 No Arrest
1-21-030 Burden of Proof, Powers of Authorities when Non Indian Status in Doubt
1-21-040 Release of Non Indians
1-21-041 Property of Non Indians
1-21-050 Civil Protective Custody of Non Indians
1-21-060 Referral to Other Authorities
1-21-070 Civil Process and Sanctions for Offenses
1-21-080 Removal of Non Members, Power and Grounds
1-21-090 Removal, Appeal and Enforcement
1-21-100 Removal by Tribal Council

1-30 Law To Be Applied By The Tribal Court
1-30-010 Tribal Law
1-30-020 Tribal Custom
1-30-030 Federal Law
1-30-040 State Law (amended by FBC on 04-8-03 with resolution 03-F-043-A)
1-30-050 Inapplicability of 25 Code of Federal Regulation Part 11

1-40 Judges Of The Tribal Court
1-40-010 Composition of the Tribal Court
1-40-020 Qualifications of the Chief Judge
1-40-030 Qualifications of the Associate Judge
1-40-040 Appointment of Judges
1-40-050 Term of Office
1-40-060 Oath of Office
1-40-070 Duties and Powers of Judges
1-40-080 Appointment of Temporary Judges
1-40-090 Compensation of Judges
1-40-100 Removal of Judges
1-40-110 Disqualification of Judges; Conflict of Interest
1-40-120 Filling Vacancies

1-50 Clerk Of The Court
1-50-010 Qualifications of Clerk:
1-50-020 Appointment of Clerk
1-50-030 Duties of the Clerk
1-50-040 Judge May Assume Duties of the Clerk
1-50-050 When the Clerk May Sign Orders
1-50-060 Termination of Clerk

1-60 Records Of The Tribal Court
1-60-010 Court Files
1-60-020 Recording Court Proceedings
1-60-030 Forms of Decisions
1-60-040 Filing Fees


1-70 Rules of the Court
1-70-010 Preparation of Rules
1-70-020 Sanctions
1-70-030 Serving of Papers from Outside Jurisdictions (Civil and Criminal)

1-80 Practice Before The Tribal Court
1-80-010 Right to Represent Oneself or Have a Representative as Counsel
1-80-020 Who May be a Representative
1-80-030 Representative s Right to Appear

1-90 Appeals From Tribal Court
1-90-010 Composition of the Court of Appeals
1-90-020 Appeal Procedure
1-90-030 Scope of Appeal


1-80 Practice Before The Tribal Court
1-80-010 Right to Represent Oneself
1-80-020 Who May Be a Representative
1-80-030 Disbarment and Discipline
1-80-040 Registration Fees and Proper Identification on All Pleadings and Correspondence with the Court or Tribal Government or Officials.

2A-10 Jury Trials
2A-10-010 Right to a Jury Trial
2A-10-020 Jury List
2A-10-030 Jury Pool
2A-10-040 Jury Panel
2A-10-050 Exemptions
2A-10-060 Payment and Fees
2A-10-070 Voir Dire
2A-10-080 Verdicts
2A-10-090 Hung Jury
2A-10-100 Separation of Jury
2A-10-110 Deliberation
2A-10-120 Things Taken By the Jury
2A-10-130 Additional Instructions
2A-10-140 Severability

4-10 General Provisions
4-10-010 Definitions
4-10-020 Time Limit for Commencing Criminal Prosecution
4-10-030 Rights of a Defendant
4-10-040 Habeas Corpus
4-10-050 Multiple Offenses and Defendants

4-20 Complaints And Initiation Of Prosecution
4-20-010 Complaint Required
4-20-020 Complaint Defined
4-20-030 Contents of Complaint
4-20-040 Assistance in Preparing Complaint
4-20-050 Filing Complaint
4-20-060 Probable Cause to Arrest upon Complaint, Warrant or Summons
4-20-070 Filing Complaint after Arrest

4-30 Arrests, Summons, And Citations  
4-30-010 Arrest by Tribal Police Officer
4-30-020 Arrest by Private Citizens
4-30-030 Fresh Pursuit
4-30-040 Arrest Warrants
4-30-050 Return of Warrant
4-30-060 Rights at Time of Arrest
4-30-070 Telephone Calls
4-30-080 Summons Instead of Arrest Warrants
4-30-090 Citations
4-30-100 Extradition

4-40 Searches And Seizures
4-40-010 Search Warrants
4-40-020 Search Warrants by Telephone
4-40-030 Searches Without a Warrant
4-40-040 Disposition of Seized Property
4-40-050 Unlawful Searches-and Seizures
4-40-060 Search Warrants for Other Jurisdictions

4-50 Procedure Before Trial
4-50-010 Confessions
4-50-020 Presence of the Defendant Required
4-50-030 Bail Release By Tribal Police Officer
4-50-040 Setting Bail and Conditions of Release by Tribal Judge
4-50-050 Arraignment
4-50-060 Pre-Trial Motions
4-50-070 Subpoenas; Requests for Evidence Outside the Jurisdiction
4-50-080 Discovery and Inspection

4-60 Trials
4-60-010 Witnesses
4-60-010 Jury Trial
4-60-030 Misconduct by the Prosecutor
4-60-040 Fees and Expenses
4-60-050 Order of Trial
4-60-060 Burden of Proof
4-60-070 Rules of Evidence
4-60-080 Regulation of Conduct in Courtroom
4-60-090 Disability of a Judge

4-70 Procedure After A Verdict Or After Trial
4-70-010 Judgment and Sentence
4-70-020 Appeal
4-70-030 Granting of New Trial
4-70-040 Illegal Sentences and Clerical Mistakes
4-70-050 Effect of Irregularities
4-70-060 Sentencing in General
4-70-070 Maximum Fine and Sentences of Imprisonment
4-70-080 Payment of Fines and Other Monies
4-70-090 Sentencing - Factors to be Considered
4-70-100 Credit for Time Served
4-70-110 Probation
4-70-120 Revocation of Probation
4-70-130 Parole


5-10 General Provisions  
5-10-010 Voluntary Act
5-10-020 Required Mental State
5-10-030 Definitions of Required Mental States
5-10-040 Prosecution for Multiple Offenses
5-10-050 Ignorance or Mistake Of Fact
5-10-060 Ignorance Or Mistake Of The Law
5-10-070 Liability For Conduct Of Another
5-10-080 Accomplice Liability
5-10-090 Liability For Acts Of Corporations Or Unincorporated Associations

5-20 Attempt, Conspiracy, And Solicitation  
5-20-010 Attempt
5-20-020 Conspiracy
5-20-030 Solicitation

5-30 Offenses Involving Danger To The Person
5-30-010 Criminal Homicide
5-30-020 Assault:  Definition; Penalties
5-30-021 Battery:  Definition; Penalties
5-30-027 Provoking Assault; Penalty
5-30-030 Unlawful Restraint; Kidnapping
5-30-040 Custodial Interference
5-30-050 Sexual Offenses
5-30-060 Domestic Violence

5-40 Offenses Against Property
5-40-010 Arson and Reckless Burning
5-40-020 Criminal Mischief
5-40-030 Burglary
5-40-040 Trespass
5-40-050 Robbery
5-40-060 Theft
5-40-070 Forgery
5-40-080 Criminal Simulation
5-40-090 Tampering with Records or Other Documents
5-40-100 Deceptive Business Practices
5-40-110 Rigging a Contest
5-40-120 Defrauding Creditors

5-50 Offenses Against The Family  
5-50-010 Criminal Nonsupport
5-50-020 Criminal Child Abuse
5-50-030 Criminal Child Neglect
5-50-040 Failure to Report Child Abuse or Neglect

5-60 Offenses Against The Administration Of Government
5-60-010 Bribery  
5-80-020 Improper Influence in Official Matter
5-60-030 Official Misconduct
5-60-040 Unofficial Misconduct
5-60-050 Perjury
5-60-060 Making False Reports
5-60-070 Interfering With The Judicial Process
5-60-080 Interfering With The Governmental Process
5-60-090 Interfering With Law Enforcement Procedures
5-60-100 Doing Business Without A License
5-60-110 Tampering With Or Destroying Public Property
5-60-120 Failure To Obey A Lawful Order Of The Court; Contempt
5-60-130 Neglect Of Duty

5-70 Offenses Against Public Order And Decency  
5-70-010 Disorderly Conduct
5-70-015 Public Intoxication
5-70-020 Misuse Of Telephones
5-70-030 Desecration
5-70-040 Violation of Privacy
5-70-050 Weapons Offenses
5-70-060 Criminal Nuisance
5-70-070 Contributing To The Delinquency Of A Minor
5-70-080 Fireworks Offenses
5-70-090 Littering
5-70-100 Misuse Of Controlled Or Hypnotic Substance
5-70-012 Abandoned Iceboxes And Other Containers

5-80 Defenses
5-80-010 Intoxication
5-80-020 Duress
5-80-030 consent
5-80-040 Entrapment
5-80-050 Justification
5-80-060 Force In Defense Of Persons
5-80-070 Force In Arrest
5-80-080 Force In Defense Of One s Dwelling
5-80-090 Force In Defense Of Property
5-80-100 Defense Of Insanity

5-90 Classes Of Offenses And Sentences  
5-90-010 Sentences For Classes Of Offenses
5-90-020 General Sentencing Provisions
5-90-030 Probation And Restitution


7-10 Jurisdiction
7-10-010 Jurisdiction
7-10-020 Power To Regulate

7-20 Definitions  
7-20-010 Road
7-20-020 Vehicle
7-20-030 Bicycle
7-20-040 Driver
7-20-050 Right Of Way
7-20-060 Traffic
7-20-070 Person
7-20-080 He Him, Or His
7-20-090 Police Officer
7-20-100 Owner
7-20-110 School Bus
7-20-120 Farm Vehicle
7-20-130 Authorized Emergency Vehicle
7-20-140 Valid Driver s License
7-20-150 Valid License Plate

7-30 Duties Imposed By This Title 7
7-30-010 Duties And Authority Of Authorized Police Officers
7-30-020 Duties Of Drivers And Owners

7-40 Enforcement Procedure  
7-40-010 Citations
7-40-020 Immediate Arrest Of Indian Defendants
7-30-025 Issuance Of Federal Citations For Non Indians
7-40-030 Civil Forfeiture

7-50 Trial of Traffic Offenders

7-60 Traffic Offenses
7-60-010 In General
7-60-020 Suspension Of License Or Privilege To Drive Upon The Reservation/Colony

7-70 Traffic Offenses
7-70-010 Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol
7-70-020 Drinking Alcoholic Beverages In A Motor Vehicle
7-70-030 Driving Under The Influence or Drugs
7-70-040 Depositing Matter On The Road
7-70-045 Obstruction Of Right Of Way
7-70-050 Reckless Driving
7-70-060 Speeding
7-70-070 Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Road
7-70-080 Unlawful Passing
7-70-090 Failure To Signal
7-70-100 Improper U Turns
7-70-110 Failure To Yield Right Of Way
7-70-120 Failure To Yield Right Of Way To Emergency Vehicles
7-70-130 Improper Passing Of A School Bus
7-70-140 Failure To Obey Traffic Control Device
7-70-150 Operation Of Unsafe Vehicles
7-70-160 Equipment Violations
7-70-170 Joy Riding
7-70-180 Negligent Injury To Animals On The Road
7-70-190 Following Too Closely
7-70-200 Leaving the Scene Of An Accident
7-70-210 Registration Offenses/Proof Of Insurance
7-70-220 Driver s License Offenses

7-110 Off-Road Vehicles
7-110-020 Regulations For Off Road Vehicles
7-110-030 Restricted Areas
7-110-040 Permitted Use Areas
7-110-050 Exemption For Vehicle Operation On Private Land

7-120 Bicycles
7-120-010 Operation Of Bicycles
7-120-020 Special Rules For Operations Of Bicycles
7-120-030 Equipment
7-120-040 Duty To Exercise Reasonable Care
7-120-050 Duty To Obey Traffic Control Devices
7-120-060 Penalty


10-10 Jurisdiction
10-10-010 Jurisdiction over children
10-10-020 Jurisdiction over adults

10-20 Definitions
10-20-010 Adult
10-20-020 Child
10-20-030 Delinquent Child
10-20-040 Dependent Child
10-20-050 Parental Care and Control
10-20-060 Parental Responsibility
10-20-070 Juvenile Court

10-30 Complaints Of Delinquency And Dependency
10-30-010 Form and Contents
10-30-020 Filing of Complaints
10-30-030 Custody of a Child Before Filing of a Complaint
10-30-040 Preliminary Investigation of Complaints
10-30-050 Custody of Child After Filing Complaint of Delinquency or Dependency
10-30-060 Disposition of Complaints
10-30-070 Report of Disposition of Complaints

10-40 Petitions Of Delinquency Or Dependency  
10-40-010 Filing
10-40-020 Form and Contests
10-40-030 Service of Petitions

10-50 Filings Upon Petitions Of Delinquency Or Dependency
10-50-010 Time of Hearings
10-50-020 Conduct of Hearing
10-50-030 Persons Permitted to Attend Hearing
10-50-040 Rights of Parties at Delinquency and Dependency Hearings
10-50-050 Evidence at Delinquency and Dependency Hearings
10-50-060 Procedure at Delinquency and Dependency Hearings
10-50-070 Findings Juvenile Court
10-50-080 Standard of Proof to be Applied by the Juvenile Court
10-50-090 Appeals of Findings

10-60 Disposition Of Cases After Finding Of Delinquency Or Dependency
10-60-010 Pre-Disposition Reports
10-60-020 Disposition Hearing
10-60-030 Dispositions for Children Adjudged Delinquent
10-60-040 Dispositions of Children Adjudged Dependent
10-60-050 Continuing Jurisdiction of Juvenile Court
10-60-060 Review of Disposition and Jurisdiction by the Juvenile Court
10-60-070 Termination of Dispositions and Jurisdiction of the Court
10-60-080 Appeals of Dispositions

10-70 Proceedings And Records Of Juvenile Court  
10-70-010 Closed Proceedings
10-70-020 Closed Records, Availability to Certain Persons
10-70-030 Disclosure of Involvement in Juvenile Court Proceedings
10-70-040 Destruction of Records
10-70-050 Unauthorized Release or Publication of Juvenile Court Records an Offense

10-80 Termination Of Parental Rights
10-80-010 Definition; Effect OG Decree
10-80-020 Grounds for Termination
10-80-030 Initiation of Termination Action
10-80-040 Petition for Termination of Parental Rights  Form and Contents
10-80-050 Notice to Parents
10-80-060 Hearing Upon Petition for Termination of Parental Rights
10-80-070 Intervention in Termination Hearing by Person Claiming Parenthood
10-80-080 Disposition of Petition for Termination by Juvenile Court
10-80-090 Effect of an Order of Termination of Parental Rights
10-80-100 Voluntary Termination of Parental Nights

10-90 Use Of Professional Services By The Juvenile Court  
10-90-010 Definitions
10-90-020 Use of Services
10-90-030 Designation of Social Services Agency
10-90-040 Duties and Responsibilities Of Social Services Agency

10-100 Facilities For Custody Or Detention Of Children  
10-100-010 Definitions
10-100-020 Establishment of Standards and Rules for Custody and Detention Facilities
10-100-030 Approval of Custody and Detention Facilities
10-100-040 Use of Custody and Detention Facilities

10-110 School Attendance  
10-110-010 Duty to Attend School; Excuses
10-110-020 Attendance Standards and Records
10-110-030 Notices of Truancy
10-110-040 Truant children
10-110-050 Taking Absent Children Into Custody
10-110-060 Habitual Truancy Proceedings
10-110-070 Truancy Offenses

10-120 Acts Of Juvenile Delinquency  
10-120-010 Possession or Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages
10-120-020 Curfew Violation
10-120-030 Exemption from Curfews
10-120-040 Possession of a Controlled Substance
10-120-050 Possession of Marijuana
10-120-060 Sexual Assault
10-120-070 Contributory Delinquency / Neglect of Children (Runaways/Unsupervised Juvenile)
10-120-080 Contributing
10-120-090 Penalties

10-130 Restitution
10-130-010 Liability for Incurred Damages
10-130-020 Failure to Obey Orders of Restitution



16-10 Control Of Animals
16-10-010 Purpose and Applicability
16-10-020 Enforcement Procedure
16-10-030 Confinement or Restraint of Animals
16-10-040 Dangerous or Destructive Animals
16-10-050 Animals Which Disturb Others
16-10-060 Permissible Numbers of Dogs and Cats
16-10-070 Inoculation of Dogs and Other Animals
16-10-080 Licensing of Dogs
16-10-090 Penalties for Violation of this Chapter
16-10-100 Civil Actions

Bail Schedule, Animal Ordinance Title 16

Hunting Ordinance
Chapter 1 Definitions
Chapter 2 Permits
Chapter 3 Conduct & Housekeeping
Chapter 4 Conduct
Chapter 5 Sewage
Chapter 6 Curfew
Chapter 7 Vehicles and Roads
Chapter 8 Campsites
Chapter 9 Special Events
Chapter 10 Compliance
Chapter 11 Procedure for Non-Compliance
Chapter 12 Enforcement & Other Sanctions
Chapter 13 Hunting
Chapter 14 Dogs
Chapter 15 Wildlife Policy and Regulation
Chapter 16 Prohibited Acts
Chapter 17 Enforcement
Chapter 18 Miscellaneous
Chapter 19 Firearms

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