Colorado River Indian Tribes - Tribal Constitution

Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to present current and accurate information, if you need an official version of the tribe’s laws, please contact the tribe.

The link below will take you to the version of the constitution available on the tribe's website. Please contact the library for assistance.

Table of Contents

Article I. Territory.
Article II. Membership ([Section 1]).
Article III. Rights of members (Section 1. Political power. 2. Inherent rights. 3. Bill of rights).
Article IV. Governing body ([Section 1]. 2. Composition of council. 3. Officers. 4. Terms. 5. Savings clause. 6. Regular meeting. 7. Special meetings. 8. Quorum. 9. Compensation. 10. Meetings. 11. Access to council enactments).
Article V. Suffrage and elections (Section 1. Voter qualifications. 2. Installations. 3. Nomination of candidates. 4. Candidates for chairman and vice-chairman. 5. Conduct of election. 6. Election dates).
Article VI. Powers of the Tribal Council (Section 1. Enumerated powers. 2. Future powers. 3. Reserved powers).
Article VII. Powers of officers (Section 1. Chairman. 2. Vice-chairman. 3. Duties of the secretary. 4. Duties of the treasurer).
Article VIII. Qualifications of elected officials.
Article IX. Vacancies, removal and recall (Section 1. Vacancies. 2. Removal. 3. Recall. 4. Special elections).
Article X. Referendum.
Article XI. Amendments.
Article XII. Judiciary (Section. 1. Judiciary. 2. Jurisdiction. 3. Trial by jury. 4. Judicial code).

Bylaws (Section 1. Conduct of meetings).
Article II. Enrollment.
Article III. Installation of councilmen.
Article IV. Conduct of elections.
Article V. Ordinances and resolutions (Section 1. Ordinances. 2. Resolutions. 3. Council voting procedure. 4. Document format).
Article VI. Adoption.

[Table of Contents created by NILL in May 2014, based on materials on the tribe's website]