Death Valley Timbi-sha Shoshone Tribe - Tribal Constitution

Table of Contents Updated: June 2016

The tribe makes their constitution available online. The link below will take you to the version of the constitution available on the tribe's website. Please contact the library if you need assistance.


Table of Contents

Article I – Name
Article II – Territory and Jurisdiction
Article III – Membership
Article IV – Governing Body
Article V – Powers
Section 1. General Council
Section 2. Tribal Council
Section 3. Reserve Powers of General Council
Section 4. Limited Power to Transfer Tribal Land Out of Tribal Ownership
Section 5. Limited Power to Encumber Tribal Land
Section 6. Limited Power to Develop Natural Resources
Section 7. Principal of Construction
Article VI – Elections
Article VII – Duties of Officers
Article VII – Meetings
Article IX – Enactments
Article X – Vacancies
Article XI – Suspension and Recall
Section 1. Suspension
Section 2. Recall
Article XII – Initiative and Referendum
Section 1. Initiative
Section 2. Referendum
Section 3.
Article XIII – Judiciary
Article XIV – Bill of Rights
Article XV – Adoption of Constitution
Articles XVI – Amendments
Article XVII – Savings Clause
Article XVIII – Severability
Certificate of Results of Election

[Table of Contents created by NILL in June 2016, based on code available on tribe's website.]