Kenaitze Indian Tribe - Tribal Constitution

Adopted: June 16, 1997

The tribe makes their constitution available online. The link below will take you to the version of the constitution available on the tribe's website.

Constitution of the Kenaitze Indian Tribe (pdf)

Table of Contents

Article I - Name
Article II - Territory
Article III - Jurisdiction
Article IV - Membership

Section 1. Base Members
Section 2. Future Membership
Section 3. Adoption
Section 4. Honorary Membership
Section 5. Dual Membership
Section 6. Loss of Membership
Section 7. Membership Rules
Article V - Governing Body
Section 1. Name
Section 2. Composition
Section 3. Officers
Section 4. Terms of Office
Section 5. Assumption of Office
Section 6. Conflict of Interest
Article VI - Meetings and Elections
Section 1. Meetings
Section 2. Quorum for Meetings of the General Membership
Section 3. Qualified Voting Members
Section 4. First Election
Section 5. Qualification of Candidates
Section 6. Staggered Terms
Section 7. Election Ordinance
Section 8. Election Board
Article VII - Duties of Officers
Section 1. Chairperson
Section 2. Vice-Chairperson
Section 3. Secretary
Section 4. Treasurer
Section 5. Appointments
Article VIII - Council Meetings
Section 1. Meetings
Section 2. Quorum
Section 3. Public Meetings
Section 4. Permanent Ordinances
Section 5. Temporary Resolutions
Section 6. Parliamentary Procedures
Article IX - Removal, Recall, Forgeiture, and Vacancies
Section 1. Removal
Section 2. Recall
Section 3. Forfeiture
Section 4. Vacancies
Article X - Powers
Section 1. General Powers
Section 2. Internal Procedures
Section 3. Other Council Powers
Section 4. Powers Reserved to Membership
Section 5. Waivers
Section 6. Retained Powers
Article XI - Popular Participation in Government
Section 1. Initiative and Referendum
Section 2. Decision of Tribal Members
Article XII - Rights of Members
Section 1. Civil Rights
Section 2. Citizenship
Section 3. Land Rights
Section 4. Freedom of Information
Article XIII - Severability
Article XIV - Savings Clause
Article XV - Amendments

Article XVI - Adoption
Certification of Results of Election
Certificate of Approval

[Table of Contents created by NILL in February 2019, based on materials available on tribe's website.]