Native Village of Georgetown - Tribal Constitution

Date: 1999

Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to present current and accurate information, if you need an official version of the tribe’s laws, please contact the tribe.

Table of Contents

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Article I   Georgetown Tribal Council
Section 1   Name
Section 2   Number on Council
Section 3   Officers
Section 4   Terms
Section 5   Procedures
Section 6   Tribal Council Ordinance

Article II   Territory and Jurisdiction
Section 1   Territory
Section 2   Jurisdiction
Section 3   Sovereign Tribal Rights

Article III   Rights of Members

Article IV   Powers
Section 1   Inherent Powers
Section 2   Inherent Control Powers
Section 3   Other Powers
Section 4   Retained Powers

Article V   General Council
Section 1   Requirements
Section 2   General Council Procedures
Section 3   General Council Ordinance

Article VI   Membership Participation
Section 1   Initiatives
Section 2   Referendums
Section 3   Recall
Section 4   Decisions
Section 5   Expulsion
Section 6   Ordinance

Article VII   Amendments

Article VIII   Adoptions

Article IX   Elections
Section 1   Voter Qualifications
Section 2   Qualifications of Candidates
Section 3   First Election
Section 4   Regular Election
Section 5   Election Board
Section 6   Election Ordinance
Section 7   Vacancies

Article X   Honorary Chief