The Osage Nation - Tribal Constitution

The tribe makes their tribal constitution available online. The link below will take you to the version of the constitution available on the tribe's website.

Osage Nation Constitution - Amended June 2, 2014 & June 6, 2016 (pdf)

Table of Contents

Article I. Title
Article II. Territory and Jurisdiction

1. Territory
2. Jurisdiction
Article III. Membership
1. Base membership roll
2. Qualifications for membership
3. Dual enrollment
4. Membership laws
Article IV. Declaration of Rights
1. Popular sovereignty
2. Self-government
3. Inalienable rights of Osage citizens
4. Remedies
5. Rights of mineral royalty interest holders
Article V. Distribution of Powers of Government
1. Governing powers
2. Separation of powers
3. Supremacy clause
Article VI. Legislature
1. Legislative power
2. Composition
3. Term of office
4. Qualifications
5. Disqualifications
6. Vacancies
7. Compensation
8. Election of officers
9. Quorum
10. Sessions
11. Rules of procedure
12. Enactment of laws
13. Special Requirements for the Amendment of Laws to Protect Assets
14. Presentation of bills to Principal Chief; Veto
15. Presentation of orders, resolutions, and votes to Principal Chief
16. Necessary laws
17. Disclosure of private interest
18. Power of removal
19. Public proceedings
20. Executive sessions
21. Legislative accountability
22. Legislative committees, commissions, etc.
23. Merit based employment system
24. Annual budget
25. Legislative referendum
Article VII. Executive
1. Supreme executive power
2. Term of office
3. Qualifications
4. Disqualifications
5. Composition
6. Office of Assistant Principal Chief
7. Acting Principal Chief'
8. Vacancies; absences
9. Further succession
10. Compensation
11. Veto
12. Communicate with legislature; convene legislature
13. Establish Department of the Treasury
14. Tribal Enterprise Boards
15. Appointments
16. Removal power
17. Offices and records of executive officers
18. Seal of the Osage Nation
Article VIII. Judiciary
1. Judicial powers
2. Appellate jurisdiction
3. Composition of Supreme Court; qualifications
4. Disqualification
5. Jurisdiction of Trial Court
6. Composition of Trial Court; qualifications
7. Appointment of Chief Justice, Associate Justices and Chief Judge
8. Appointment of associate judges
9. Conflict of interest
10. Compensation
11. Administration
Article IX. Oath of Office
Article X. Code of Ethics

1. Purpose
2. Compliance with law and regulations
3. The conduct of tribal officials and employees
4. Conflicts of interest
5. Gifts and public favor
6. Use of tribal resources
7. Advocacy
8. Independence of boards and commissions
9. Political subdivisions
10. Provisions for violations
Article XI. Citizen Initiative, Referendum and Recall
1. Citizen initiative and referendum
2. Application of initiative, referendum or recall
3. Petition for initiative or referendum
4. Initiative election
5. Referendum election
6. Enactment and rejection
7. Restrictions
8. Recall
Article XII. Removal
1. Grounds for removal
2. Rules and procedures
Article XIII. Suffrage and Elections
1. Qualified voters
2. Election code
3. Election Board
4. General Elections
5. Special Elections
6. Contested elections
7. Secret ballots
Article XIV. Villages
1. Recognized villages
2. Reserved status
3. Governance
Article XV. Natural Resources and Minerals Management
1. General authority
2. Osage Mineral Estate
3. Osage mineral royalties
4. Management of the Osage Mineral Estate
5. Preservation of hunting and fishing
Article XVI. Osage Culture and Language
1. Preservation of linguistic and cultural lifeways
Article XVII. Osage Health, Education, and Welfare
1. Health care
2. Care of the elders
3. Care of our children
4. Education
Article XVIII. Reserved Powers
Article XIX. Sovereign Immunity

1. Immunity of Osage Nation from suit
Article XX. Amendment of Constitution
1. Amendment by legislature
2. Amendment by petition
3. No veto power
Article XXL Severability
Article XXII. Savings Clause

1. Savings clause
2. Continuity of governmental authority and jurisdiction
Article XXIII. Ratification of Constitution

[Table of Contents created by NILL in January 2018, based on materials available on tribe's website.]