Spirit Lake Tribe, North Dakota - Tribal Constitution

Last Amended: 1996

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Table of Contents


Article I - Name
Article II - Jurisdiction
Article III - Membership
Article IV - Governing Body
Article V - Nominations and Elections
Article VI - Governmental Authorities
Article VII - Future and Reserved Powers
Article VIII - Manner of Review
Article IX - Referendum, Removal, and Recall
Article X - Adoption and Amendment

Article I - Tribal Council
Article II - Duties of Officers

Summary of Amendments
Amendment I (June 17, 1969)
Amendment II (April 30, 1974)
Amendment III (May 3, 1974)
Amendment IV (May 3, 1974)
Amendment V (April 16, 1976)
Amendment VI (April 16, 1976)
Amendment VII (April 16, 1976)
Amendment VIII (May 4, 1981)
Amendment IX (May 4, 1981)
Amendment X (May 4, 1981)
Amendment XI (November 21, 1991)
Amendment XII (November 21, 1991)
Amendment XIII (August 19, 1996)
Amendment XIV (August 19, 1996)


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