Constitution of the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians,
Torres Martinez Reservation, California

Adopted: November 9, 1997; Amended November 20, 2004 (Articles XXIV; XXV)

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Table of Contents


Article I - Name

Article II - Territory

Article III - Jurisdiction

Article IV - Membership

Article V - Civil Rights

Article VI - General Council

Article VII - Meetings of the General Council

Article VIII - Powers of the General Council

Article IX - Tribal Council

Article X - Powers of the Tribal Council

Article XI - Elections

Article XII - Vacancies and Recall

Article XIII - Referendum

Article XIV - Conflict of Interest

Article XV - Land

Article XVI - Duties of the Tribal Council

Article XVII - Actions by General Council

Article XVIII - Tribal Records

Article XIX - Order of Business

Article XX - Amendments

Article XXI - Adoption

Article XXII - Savings Clause

Article XXIII - Severability

Certification of Adoption

Article XXIV - Repeal Article VIII Section 1(J)

Article XXV - Tribal Court