2003 Sacred Places News Stories

• • Judge Asked to Dismiss Shooting Range Suit (Rapid City Journal) 12/15

• •Climbing Group Sues over Cave Rock (Reno Gazette Journal) 12/15

• •Ellis Says Creek Nation Backs Highway Plan (Macon Telegraph) 11/27

• •Profits, Religion Battle over Peaks (The Lumberjack) 11/19

• •Proposed Shooting Range Irks S.D. Tribes (Washigton Post) 11/14

• •Ban Upheld on Rock Climbing at Cave Rock (Reno Gazette Journal) 11/11

• •Tribal Remains Desecrated in 1915 at Site, Officials Say (Seattle Times) 11/7

• •Commission Bans Hunting at Bear Butte (Aberdeen News) 11/7

• •American Indians object to report (Macon Telegraph) 11/5

• •U Senate Reviews Disputed Mount Graham Participation (Minnesota Daily) 10/31

• •Burial Ground May Be near Proposed Lake (Lincoln Journal Star) 10/28

• •California Energy: Drilling in a Sacred Site? (Sacramento Bee) 10/19

• •Now a Sacred Site (Newsday.com) 10/10

• •Resolution on Badlands Plan Eludes Park Service (Rapid City Journal) 10/1

• •Disturbing the Dead? (Gallup Independent) 9/26

• •Recovered Relics (Santa Fe New Mexican) 9/25

• •Juaneno Suit against Athletic Site Is Dismissed (LA Times) * 9/24

• •Battle over Development near Zuni Salt Lake Continues (KOBTV.com) 9/15

• •Sacred Sites Bill Stalls in Assembly (Press Enterprise) * 9/12

• •Finding Indian Remains May Sink Bridge Project (Seattle Times) 9/12

• •O.C. Catholic High School Opening Splits Tribe (LA Times) * 9/04

• •Developer Offers Sweet Grass Hills to BLM (Great Falls Tribune) 9/03

• •Indians Object to Fast-track Thinning (Rapid City Journal) 8/29

• •Bits of Ancient Village Hide in Murk (Star Ledger) 8/26

• •Zunis Celebrate End of Battle Over Mine (Santa Fe New Mexican) 8/08

• •On Oahu, the High Cost of an Archaeological Find (New York Times) * 8/06

• •Company Drops Development near Sacred Lake (Indianz.com) 8/05

• •Sacred Lands Could Be Protected (Indian Country Today) 7/22

• •Gov. Davis Backs Latest Version of Sacred Sites Protection Bill (Indian Country Today) 7/18

• •Park Ignites Dispute between Suquamish and Neighbors (Post-Intelligencer) 7/16

• •Governor Backs Tribal-sites Legislation (San Bernardino Sun) 7/15

• •Campaign to Protect Sacred Lake in N.M. Ramps Up (Indianz.com) 7/02

• •Crandon Mine Site Owners Offer Spirit Hill to Tribes (Post-Crescent) 6/30

• •Governor Calls for Hills Protection (Casper Star Tribune) 6/27

• •Protections for Sacred Sites Called Inadequate (Indianz.com) 6/19

• •Court Won't Halt Transfer of Burial Sites to State (Indianz.com) 6/18

• • Congressmen's Proposal Would Protect Indian Sacred Sites (Post Intelligencer) 6/12

• •Rahall Reintroducing Sacred Sites Legislation (Indianz.com) 6/11

• •Official: Skull is Ancient (Argus Leader) 6/06

• •Tribes Oppose Jack Morrow Hills Plans (Star Tribune) 6/04

• •List Highlights Threats to Sacred and Historic Sites (Indianz.com) 5/30

• •San Juan OKs School's Athletic Fields (LA Times) 5/21

• •Judge Defers Bones Decision (Argus Leader) 5/19

• •Tribe Stops Recreation Construction (Argus Leader) 5/14

• •Council Designates 23 Acres as Historic (Washington Post) 5/08

• •FCC to Study Impact of Cell Phone Towers (Star Tribune) 5/02

• •Indian Tribe Looking for Lost Graves (Star Tribune) 4/27

• •Some Activity on Indian Burial Site OK, Judge Says (Argus Leader) 4/22

• •The Future for Wisconsin Point (Minnesota Public Radio) 4/22

• •Corps Must Protect Indian Remains, Report Says (Argus Leader) 4/17

• •Court Sets Aside Approval of Jserra High School Initiative (Native News Network) 4/17

• •Tribal Summit Details Case for Sacred Lands (Arizona Republic) 3/10

• •Friends Join Forces to Help Pay Fine for Woman Convicted of Trespassing (The Advocate) 1/5

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