2003 Tribal Jurisdiction News Stories

• • Judge Weighs Jurisdiction in Reservation Arson Case (Indianz.com) 12/18

• •Cayugas, Union Springs Start Over (Post Standard) * 12/3

• •EPA Allows State Jurisdiction over Maine Tribal Lands (Indianz.com) 12/3

• •Yakama Nation Tempers Pesticide Regulation Plan (Seattle Times) 11/29

• •Judge Upholds Tribal Court's Banishment of Dangerous Villager (Anchorage Daily News) * 11/20

• •Law Doesn't Constrain Wampanoags, Judge Says (Boston Herald) 11/6

• •Indians Welcome Canoe, Challenges (United Native Nations) (Seattle Times) 10/16

• •Charlestown Charges Tribe with Trying to Eliminate State and Local Jurisdiction
(Westerly Sun) 10/16

• •Stevens Remarks Called Racist (Anchorage Daily News) 10/9

• •Panel Blames Both Sides for Melee at Smoke Shop (Providence Journal) * 10/8

• •Senator Says Natives Threaten State of Alaska (Indianz.com) 10/7

• •Supreme Court to Rule on Tribal-federal Prosecution (Indianz.com) 10/1

• •Bill to Target Bingo Hall (Post Standard) * 9/26

• •Smoke Shop Case Argued (Providence Journal) * 9/24

• •Indians' Hunting Rights at Issue (Detroit Free Press) 9/17

• •Ex-Zuni Student's Lawyer Wants $4M Settlement Reinstated (Gallup Independent) 9/11

• •Feds Will Put Confiscated Cigarettes Back on Market (Seattle Times) 8/26

• •Navajo Law Halts Repo Man (Albuquerque Journal) 8/25

• •Indians Say it May Be Fighting Time Again (Providence Journal) * 8/25

• •Mohawks Settle Tribal Tax Dispute (Newsday.com) 8/07

• •Woman Who Started Part of Wildfire Wants Case Dismissed (Arizona Central) 8/05

• •Bill's Tribal Jurisdiction Provisions Contested (Indianz.com) 8/01

• •Yakamas, Governor Take Steps to Resolve Dispute (Seattle Times) 7/31

• •Bill's Tribal Jurisdiction Provisions Contested (Indianz.com) 7/31

• •Fed Judge: Tribe Has Say over Schools (Gallup Independent) 7/30

• •Native Leaders Seek Greater Role in Homeland Security (Review Journal) 7/30

• •Supreme Court Case Impacts Homeland Security Proposal (Indianz.com) 7/29

• •Blackfeet Start New Police Force (Great Falls Tribune) 7/22

• •Islanders Appeal Ruling on Tribe (Cape Cod Times) 7/21

• •State's Raid on Tribal Land Sparks Strong Reactions (Indianz.com) 7/16

• •Smoke Shop Raid Turns Violent (The Day) * 7/15

• •Navajo Women File Lawsuit over Arrests at Ceremony Site (Arizona Republic) 7/15

• •Tribal Jurisdiction Faces Test before Supreme Court (Indianz.com) 7/03

• •Mont. Court Accepts Tribal Court Convictions (Indianz.com) 6/25

• •Tribal Courts Ruled to have Jurisdiction Outside Reservation (KOBTV.com) 6/12

• •Judge Says Hog-farm Lease Valid (Rapid City Journal) 6/10

• •Tax Concerns For Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (WLUCtv6) 6/10

• •Tribes Criticize Store Protest Plan (Post Standard) 6/10

• •Grassley to feds: Reopen Casino, Resolve Dispute (Courier) 6/09

• •Feds to Decide in Zuni, State $4M Harassment Suit (Albuquerque Biz Journal) 6/06

• •Supreme Court Won't Hear Tribal Jurisdiction Case (Indianz.com) 6/03

• •Tribe: Is tax 'a smoke show to burn us?' (Providence Journal)* 5/30

• •Supreme Court Asked to Rule on Tribal Jurisdiction (Indianz.com) 5/29

• •Tribes Vote Feds Out (Times Record) 5/28

• •Town Hall Tries to Sort Out Confusing Jurisdiction Issues (Arizona Republic) 5/23

• •State Official Seeks to Suspend Utility Surcharge (Oregon Live) 5/23

• •Doyle Attorneys Say State Courts Have No Say over Gaming Lawsuit (Star Tribune) 5/21

• •Supreme Court Avoids Tribal Immunity Question (Indianz.com) 5/20

• •Case Reinforces Tribal Sovereignty (Durango Herald) 5/16

• •Sam Libby Calls for Unity of Those Rejected from Tribes (The Day) 5/15

• •DNR Commissioner Apologizes to State's American Indians (Duluth Superior) 5/13

• •Sovereign Strife (Sacramento Bee) 5/12

• •State May Seek Indian Tax Revenue (Post Standard) 5/02

• •High Court: State Must Stay Out of Indian Elections (Great Falls Tribune) 5/01

• •Tribal Dispute Leads to Casino Infraction (AP) 5/01

• •Governors Can Veto Casinos, Judge Rules (Journal Sentinel) 4/24

• •Legislature: Senate Sends Miccosukee Bill to House (Naples Daily News) 4/24

• •Commission Has Power to Close Meskwaki Casino (Courier) 4/23

• •Hualapai's Grand Canyon Flights Will Go Unchallenged (Daily Sun) 4/22

• •Fort Peck Boasts Model Program (Great Falls Tribune) 4/21

• •Rosebud Tribe Seeks Hog-farm Closure (Rapid City Journal) 4/18

• •Crow Signed Away Legal Protection, Court Says (Billings Gazette) 4/17

• •Legislature: Senators Give Preliminary Nod to Miccosukee Autonomy (Naples News) 4/17

• •Court Rulings on Tribal Jurisdiction Are in Conflict (Indianz.com) 4/16

• •Judge Says Court Has No Say in Meskwaki Tribe Dispute (AP) 4/16

• •New Law Lets State, Tribes Share DWI Records (Journal Star) 4/14

• •Ho-Chunk Tries to Take Control of its Child Support Cases (Wisconsin Rapids Tribune) 4/14

• •Some learn Indian justice the hard way (Sacramento Bee) 4/7

• •PRAIRIE VOICES: Tribal Sovereignty for Beginners (Grand Forks Herald) 4/7

• •On Their Land, Tribes' Law is the Last Word (Sacramento Bee) 4/6

• •Supreme Court to Consider Limit of State Authority on Indian Land (SFGate) 4/3

• •Miccosukees Can Police Their Own, They Convince House Committee (St. Petersburg Times) 4/3

• •Supreme Court Tussles with Tribal Sovereignty Case (Indianz.com) 4/1

• •Ore. Withdraws from States' Supreme Court Brief (Indianz.com) 3/28

• •Coletta Pledges Buyout Won't Cut Off Residents' Access to Their Homes (Naple Daily News) 3/12

• •Supreme Court Rejects State Jurisdiction Appeal (Indianz.com) 3/11

• •Protected from Courts, Tribes Use Law for Gain (Sun Sentinel) 3/10

• •Tribal Sovereignty Debated (Fresno Bee) 3/6

• •McCain Urges Tribes Not to Hide Behind Sovereignty (Indianz.com) 2/26

• •Jurisdictional Disputes Are Increasing Tensions Around Native Lands (Lincoln Journal Star) 2/24

• •Showdown Looms in Tribal Sovereignty Case (Indianz.com) 2/20

• •Senate Panel Hears Call for Miccosukee Sovereignty (Naples Daily News) 2/19

• •Calif. County Seeks to Tax Tribe's Casino (Fresno Bee) 2/17

• •Wampanoag Tribe Presses Claim for Sovereignty in Zoning Case (Vineyard Gazette) 2/14

• •Indian Sales Tax Collection Urged (Syracuse Post) 2/13

• •S.D. Puts Pressure on Tribal Sovereignty (Indianz.com) 2/12

• •N.M. Opinion Says Tribes Have 'Given Up' Authority (Indianz.com) 1/29

• •Court Denies Tribal Exemption from Labor Laws (Indianz.com) 1/17

• •Tribal Jurisdiction 'Complicated' (Omaha World-Herald) 1/15

• •Ruling on Indian Casino Search Tossed Appeals Court Says Tribe Can Pursue Suit Against Inyo
County (San Francisco Chronicle) 1/05

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