2003 Voting News Stories

• •Kickapoo Tribal Members Vote to Recall Chairman (News-Star) 12/14

• •Eastern Band Votes against Absentee Ballots (Citizen-Times) 12/5

• •Howard Elected Vice-chair (again) (Apache Moccasin) 11/11

• •Judge Upholds Split Districts for Navajos, Hopis (Arizonza Republic) 11/7

• •Tribe Re-elects Thomas (Norwich Bulletin) 11/3

• •Lumbee Vote Nears (Fayetteville Observer) 11/3

• •Navajo Attorney General Faces Recall Vote this Week (Daily Times) 10/20

• •Dueling Primaries Cloud Meskwaki Leadership Issue (Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier) 10/15

• •Tribe Primary Sees Large Turnout (Central Michigan Life) 10/15

• •Tribal Supreme Court to Rule on Voting Rights, Eligibility (Citizen-Times) 10/3

• •Absentee Voting Tops Cherokee's Agenda (Citizen-Times) 9/30

• •Tribal Election Board to Hear More Absentee Ballot Challenges (Citizen Times) 9/15

• •Blankenship Still on Tribal Council (Citizen-Times) 9/05

• •Felon Issue Not on Tribe's Agenda (Fayetteville Observer) 8/28

• •Chickasaws Report Ballot Delayed (NewsOK.com) * 8/14

• •Cherokee Freedmen File Joint Lawsuit (NewsOK.com) * 8/12

Open Seat Changes Tribal Dynamics (Arizona Republic) 7/30

• •State Lines up against Redistricting Lawsuit (Rapid City Journal) 7/28

• •Self-sufficiency is Vow of Tribe's Chairwoman (Arizona Daily Star) 6/30

• •Meskwaki Feud Grows to Include Lawyers (Des Moine Register) 6/27

• •Hopi Primary: 1st Woman Leads for Vice Chair (Gallup Independent) 6/27/03

• •Little Shell Decide to Hold New Election (Great Falls Tribune) 6/24

• •Runoff Settles Mohawk Chiefdom (Times Union) 6/23

• •Caleb Johnson Running for Hopi Vice Chairman (Gallup Independent) 6/20

• •Mohawk Vote Official, One Run-off Contest Scheduled (Newsday.com) 6/12

• • Mohawk Tribal Election Contested (Champlain Channel) 6/11

• •Oklahoma Chief Wins Vote (Post Standard) 6/10

• •Mohawks Elect Deal's Critics (Times Union) 6/09

• •Three Appeal Cherokee Tribal Election (NewsOK) 6/04

• •Tribe Rues Federal Action (Courier) 5/27

• •Voting-rights Flap Won't Delay O'odham Election (Tucson Citizen) 5/20

• •Cherokee Gears Up for Election (Citizen-Times) 5/19

• •Court: Districts OK in Indian Voting Case (Great Falls Tribune) 5/08

• •Racist History Put State on Fed's List (Daily News) 5/01

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