2005 Tribal Jurisdiction News Stories

• • Officials lack power over compacts (Oklahoman) 11/18/05

• • Appeals court overturns ruling of poaching in 'Indian Country' (Salt Lake Tribune) 11/11/05

• • Rounds proposes compact with tribe (Rapid City Journal) 10/22/05

• • Legal battle over battle site (AP) 10/19/05

• • Labor board upholds decision that allows casino worker unions (Norwich Bulletin) 10/6/05

• • Oneida Nation to Pay Taxes (Syracuse Post-Standard) 10/6/05

• • Judge: Village can close gaming hall (Syracuse Post-Standard) 10/6/05

• • Court hears reservation tax case (Rapid City Journal) 10/4/05

• • Means could face local charges (Gallup Independent) 9/21/05

• • Whiteclay deal is helpful step (Sioux Falls Argus Leader 9/5/05

• • Tribal officers to patrol Whiteclay (Rapid City Journal) 8/30/05

• • Oglala Sioux Tribe seeks role in child welfare case (Indianz.com) 8/25/05

• • A border solution (Casper Star Tribune) 8/17/05

• • Cross-deputization agreement to be signed (The Chadron Record) 8/17/05

• • Authority to commit offenders is tested (Star Tribune) 8/9/05

• • Scalded boy remains in hospital (Salt Lake Tribune) 8/6/05

• • Respect Tulalips' authority, law says (HeraldNet) 8/4/05

• • Senate approves Pueblo criminal jurisdiction bill (Indianz.com) 7/27/05

• • Hole remains in offender registry (Star Tribune) 7/26/05

• • Rocky Boy store closes over disputed tribal cigarette tax (The Havre Daily News) 7/7/05

• • State asks Supreme Court to review car tag case (Indianz.com) 7/6/05

• • Patriots plan return to Cocopah site (Yuma Sun ) 6/10/05

• • Appeals court to rehear tribal jurisdiction case (Indianz.com) 6/8/05

• • Navajo Council overrides marriage veto (Farmington Daily Times) 6/4/05

• • Morongos aim to limit entry (San Bernardino County Sun) 6/1/05

• • Self-proclaimed court can't enforce rulings, federal judge decides (Oregonian) 5/20/05

• • Navajo head vetoes gay marriage measure (The State) 5/01/05

• • Tribe seizes cigarettes from store (The Havre Daily News) 4/27/05

• • Tribal justice (WCF Courier) 4/17/05

• • Federal appeals court rejects appeal over Spirit Lake land (Grand Forks Herald) 3/7/05

• • Judge tosses lawsuit over Meskwaki vote (DesMoines Register) 3/3/05

• • Indian Country Cases Heard at High Court (ABQ Journal) 2/15/05

• • Appeals court sides with tribe in trust land dispute (Indianz.com) 2/10/05

• • Indian police say they're handcuffed by lack of computer data (North County Times) 2/6/05

• • Tribal actions in border-crossing case upheld (Indianz.com) 2/3/05

• • Tribes and state divided on tribal land hunting (Grand Forks Herald) 1/14/05


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